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Is it like...

  • Posted on 19 March 18 at 15:19Permalink
    Quick Question to all the older/retro gamers here, is Everspace anything like Colony Wars from the PS1 days? Or is it a different kettle of fish entirely? Curious about it, but used my demo time up when it was first around and it felt and handled really bad. Hear they've improved on it greatly since, but just want to know how it plays.

  • x Mataeus xx Mataeus x1,007,977
    Posted on 11 May 18 at 16:15Permalink
    Colony Wars was a great series! Loved the third one with those towing missions :)

    No, it's nothing like it I'm afraid! It's a roguelike, but set in 'space'. You do missions, die, and start again.
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  • Posted on 05 August 19 at 15:51Permalink
    Do you get to keep any kind of item/upgrade?? Thanks!
  • BigNev44BigNev441,365,486
    Posted on 05 August 19 at 19:46Permalink
    Yes you get keep your ship and character upgrades, the only thing you lose is your money and a buddy of mine is playing through it now and she says buying the 3 extra credit upgrades and spending the before you die will carry your playthrough a long way.
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