Game Discussion: Wordament Snap Attack (Android)

Trying to start this game - No Achievements Unlock

  • imaidiot19imaidiot19733,978
    Posted on 22 March 18 at 12:20Permalink
    The previous thread is from over a year ago, or for people having trouble with the grindy achievements.

    I can't even get the bonus tile achievement to unlock.

    I'm able to login and connect to xbox live, but nothing pops, ever. Any suggestions?
    Yes, I know I am.
  • Jsrc1990Jsrc1990143,525
    Posted on 23 March 18 at 15:07, Edited on 23 March 18 at 16:27 by Jsrc1990Permalink
    Hi, i have the same problem, I did the last shape at "Get in shape" achievement, but it does not unlock, I know they deleted the game from play store, but it can still be playing... Maybe google don't let unlock achievements of games that have seen deleted...
  • Posted on 18 May 18 at 01:24Permalink
    I have the same problem. I finished off the Get In Shape shapes and didn't get the achievement. Also have over 100 games played (150 now) - no achievement.
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