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John Acey
John Acey
Posted on 22 March 18 at 18:37
Out of curiosity..
Why is name "John Acey" offensive to somebody In this Van Helsing 3 game..?
I tryed creating character with my name, and I got message:
"Your hero's name could be offensive to others, you will be banned from on-line play."
Just baffles my mind a bit..
Like is that some sorta secret code for gays or colour racism, or something I've never heard about in english language.. or in any language for that matter?

I tried leaving every letter off from my name just to see if it's like a short part of my name that's offensive but..
ohn Acey
Jhn Acey
Jon Acey
Joh Acey
John cey
John Aey
John Acy
John Ace
All these were fine.. just that "John Acey" isn't fine..
Can anybody give any sign of reason what the heck it could be...?
Posted on 22 March 18 at 21:31
The developers are directly targeting you.

They want you to worry, wondering why that just you has been singled out by them... but they know that you know.. They know what you did. They know every detail... They are watching you; and this is their first means of letting you know..

John Acey
John Acey
Posted on 23 March 18 at 09:07
So it's starting to seem...
I remember having similar issues on call of duty ghosts, when I tryed to sign up to their forums thru the game.
That time it wasn't the full name that was the problem.. it was something like "n_acey" or something, I didn't do that well testing then so didn't fully find out what was the exact short part of my name but...
it's getting annoying now..
once made me laugh..
twice.. not so much anymore
Posted on 31 March 18 at 21:37
I'll tell you this much: I don't think that the John part is the issue =)
To do or not to do. THAT is the question.
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