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    Posted on 19 December 11 at 04:23
    Please use this thread to discuss the Rock Band walkthrough
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    Posted on 13 February 12 at 20:50
    The walkthrough has now been published.

    You can find it here: Rock Band Walkthrough
  • Skeptical MarioSkeptical Mario1,049,583
    Posted on 13 August 13 at 20:08
    The page on Band World Tour is not entirely accurate; the special gigs which unlock further cities are located based on your band's starting city. Your list of gigs assumes you start in Seattle.

    Also, the list of gigs is formatted confusingly; the gig names have the same level of indentation as the songs within the gig. Songs within gigs should be in an ordered list.
  • Posted on 19 August 13 at 00:31
    The list of gigs was put up in the order they appear on the in-game menu. Seattle just happened to appear on the top when I wrote it up. I could go in and add a bit of clarification that the cities don't necessarily unlock in that order though.

    Also, I could swear I had some spaces in indentation to differentiate sub-gigs. A change in the site's formatting may have messed that up. When I have some free time, I'll go in and see if I can't rectify that somehow.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  • Skeptical MarioSkeptical Mario1,049,583
    Posted on 19 August 13 at 21:28
    The single-song gigs and "All Town Songs" setlists also depend on your starting city; for example your hometown always has Say it Ain't So, In Bloom, and I Think I'm Paranoid in the small venue. I'd include a generic path through the "story mode" like this:

    Hometown -> Van challenge -> Unlocks Cities A, B
    City B -> Bus challenge -> Unlocks Cities C, D, E
    City E -> Plane challenge -> Unlocks Cities F, G, H, I, J, K, Sydney, Tokyo, Rio, Reykjavik, Moscow
    City F -> Sound guy challenge -> Unlocks Security challenge
    City G -> Security challenge -> Unlocks PR firm challenge
    City H -> PR firm challenge -> Unlocks Hall of fame
    Moscow -> Hall of Fame -> Unlocks Endless Setlist

    I'm going through Band World Tour at the moment and it's been really helpful to compare my setlists to the ones in the walkthrough. Thanks for writing that up!
  • Posted on 20 August 13 at 04:43
    Hmm...interesting. I'll have to do some research into that. All the achievement solutions I'd seen on the site and in other places didn't offer any evidence that they changed, and I've only gone through BWT once, so I didn't realize the gigs moved between a fixed set of venues. Thanks for pointing this out!
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