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Suggestions on fastest way to get to level 30?

Posted on 23 March 18 at 14:30
Apparently you can't use source crystals to level up past 20, do I'm just wondering if there's any XP farming methods to get this done quickly? Thanks.
Posted on 23 March 18 at 14:54
yeah do the endless tower with an ai character with some exp boost..when he starts having an issue quit and start over..repeat til 30..took a few hrs
Posted on 23 March 18 at 19:16, Edited on 23 March 18 at 19:18 by XenomorphFiend
Took me less than 2 hours with Supergirl, I created a custom loadout for boosting XP using any character/ALL XP boost gear I had & a gear piece that awarded approximately 450XP per event for not jumping during a match. Play matches in endless (Battle Simulator in single player Multiverse) without jumping, using arena transitions & try finishing matches with supermoves/fast as possible. You'll level up fast as hell.
Posted on 23 March 18 at 19:53
Thanks fellas.

Pissed I lost my #6 completion spot due to this update. Grrr.
Posted on 24 March 18 at 03:23, Edited on 24 March 18 at 03:52 by XenomorphFiend
Sorry to hear that! I didn't even notice they added achievements until I hit level 30 haha.

Just hit level 30 with Green Arrow, my 2nd level 30 character. Timed this one, and it took me about 115 minutes including loading times. Averaging 1100-1300XP/match.

To anyone coming here for advice, while the first post is fine, especially if you don't feel like doing it yourself, it really is so much quicker to use gear that rewards you 400-500XP/match for not jumping (leg gear) combined with gear that gives a percentage of character XP bonus (usually head & weapon gear, less often torso & arm) and play the game yourself. When you need roughly 5000-7200XP per level from levels 20-30 you'll essentially be cutting the time to grind to level 30 in half if you play yourself. You can't tell the AI to not jump or to finish rounds with supermoves/arena transitions to get the most XP possible.

There might be better methods I'm not aware of, and I'd love to see them if so, but my method is working great for me thus far 🙂
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