2. 0D Beat Drop Story walkthroughUpdate notes

We are going to start off by selecting Easy - Planet Quest.

Practise your hyper mode skills as talked about previously. I found to speed up the opponent's combo, do a couple of smaller combos on them. Then when they have 40 or more attack blocks on your side, let your block fall which will trigger some of their blocks to fall on your screen. Do this again (there still should be some blocks left from the COM), and it will allow you to trigger "Hyper mode".

Do this, and you should set the COM up with a massive combo which will usually kill them in a few turns. Be prepared as they can return the Hyper mode back at you so you will have to learn how to do hyper mode when there isn't much room on the screen!

Don't worry if you fail one of the missions as you have unlimited retries.

Once you have got Hyper mode worked out, make sure you get at least one on every of the 10 stages in easy. (I would recommend trying to do 2 in a few levels to play it safe), which will get you:

  • Hyper Sniper

    Do 10 Hyper Modes in all 10 stages of the Single Player mode or 2 Player Co-op mode.

    Hyper Sniper

In one of the levels, I prefer the slower music as it was easier to time the beat drop. Make sure you don't use hyper. Just keep making combos, and beat drop on each turn perfectly until the guage meter on the side is at 'MAX.' You then will have to do 8 consecutive beat drops while on MAX to get you:

  • Beat Master

    In a Single Player game, achieve 8 continuous Beat Drops on the max Beat Bonus Level.

    Beat Master

Along the way of doing the easy, normal, hard, and extreme levels, you should pop the chain wizard achievement if you are doing 'Hyper mode', especially in the harder levels when you will be doing 3+ hypers each round. If you are struggling with this, try to line up colours a bit further away from each other but still in sections of 3+ blocks.

Now focus on the Planet Quest difficulties and remember you can keep trying each round over again even if you fail it 100 times!

  • Easy Three

    Clear the Easy Level in either Planet Quest, Survival Four, or Co-op With COM.

    Easy Three

  • Normal Four

    Clear the Normal Level in either Planet Quest, Survival Four, or Co-op With COM.

    Normal Four

  • Hard Five

    Clear the Hard Level in either Planet Quest, Survival Four, or Co-op With COM.

    Hard Five

  • Extreme All

    Clear the Extreme Level in either Planet Quest, Survival Four, or Co-op With COM.

    Extreme All

Now, hopefully, you have at least one song saved on your HDD or a usb which can be read by your 360! If not, simply grab a CD and rip it in the Xbox audio player.

Next, jump into the Beat-O-Matic music creater from the menu, and select a song with the cn_guide to bring up the audio player. Once it has been loaded in successfully, it will play the song to analyze it. Now you don't have to let it play the whole thing if you go back to the audio player with cn_guide and stop it.

Save the track you have made and repeat 5 times (can be the same song!)

  • Music Tank

    Use the Beat-O-Matic analyzer and create 5 syncronized data files of your favorite songs.

    Music Tank

Now jump on the game type "Co-op with COM". This achievement will take a few rounds to get used to, but be patient. Set your COM to offensive, the bottom one is best or the top. A lot of guides recommend not trying this until level 6, but it is still worth trying to get one or two before then if you can. If not, just continue on.

Start preparing your side for a small/medium combo, and when you see your COM attack and start his, try and sync yours with it.

Now you can get a synchronized bonus, but we want a super synchronized bonus, which is when it is a larger combo and timed better. I found that an easier way to get this was using hyper mode once again with your COM too. Wait for the opponents to hyper you back, and then time it with your COM. You can sometimes win the levels pretty quickly, so just keep an eye on how many stages are left vs how many SUPER synchronized bonuses you have had. You can fail the level on purpose to get extra tries. Once you have done 5, you will get:

  • Twin Sync

    In Co-op With COM mode, perform 5 Super Synchronized Bonuses within the 10 stages.

    Twin Sync

This one is probably the hardest in my opinion and the one that will test your patience.

Go to Time Attack - Endurance.

Now the idea with this one is to stack blocks of three that are all the same colour on one side and keep clearing the other blocks by beat dropping on the other side.

It doesn't matter what colour you choose as it is pretty random, but you will have to be patient and keep stacking the ones that are the same colour on top of one another. DO NOT BEAT DROP THEM. Also be careful when you are beat dropping the other block to get rid of them. Make sure they are not touching the big stack of one colour or it will set them off.

You will want at least 4 rows nearly full of the one colour, and then if you are struggling, just make sure you match as many sideways as well and then set it off when you have got enough. If you need to count, try and pause and un pause a few times. Once you have 50 or over, beat drop them, and you will get:

Now for the online achievements..

Grab a buddy, and do the "2 Player Versus". Whoever is losing the first 5 games, just hold cn_RSd or cn_down, and you will end the game quickly by dying. You will pretty quickly be able to get the:

Now you don't have to worry about the "2 Player Co-op", but you will need 3 other players and use the same method for whoever is losing by holding cn_down or cn_RSd. Once you have got 5 wins in both the "4 Player Versus" and "4 Player Team Versus", you will be rewarded with:

Congratulations! You have just completed 0D Beat Drop! If you are stuck or need any help with one of the achievements, feel free to let me know, and I'll do my best to explain.

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