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Posted on 24 November 09 at 21:22
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1v 100 season 2 has returned with a fresh look but same addictive game play. It's fun, free and even gives you the chance of winning some much cherished microsoft points. Season 2 also introduces achievements which we all obviously love so if you are able to play but haven't, then what are you waiting for? I thoroughly recommend it.

The format is simple and comes in two froms. Extended play and live 1 vs 100 shows. Extended play offers a series of multiple choice answers and pits you immediately against those in your group, and on a wider show against everybody else. You receive points for correct answers,speed, mob knockouts (based on how many people get it wrong) and streak bonuses for consecutive answers. This means a good run of correct answers scores big and is the difference in the big scores. There are no prizes in extended play but a portion of the best weekly and seasoned players will have the chance to play in the live games as the mob or the one, of which there are 2 a week. And that gives gives you the chance of winning microsoft points. I just saw the one beat the mob for 10,000 microsoft points. Now who says live gives you nothing! Only for gold members though. Hopefully bigger prizes are on the way as season 1 had things like a lap top and car. I bet that guy who has just won wish he was playing then! still, 10grand of microwonga is still a prize much worth having.

The 2 weekly live shows pick a one from the best of extended play players and new for season 2, you can also get in from the crowd just by playing well the round before. This is a great improvement as previoulsy you would of had to devote a week of playing the game to stand a chance. Season 1 often had 70,000+ people playing so you knew you had little chance of getting in. Tonight while playing I saw 1 of the 4 people I was playing get in the mob after a good round, giving him the chance to play for real points.

Basically the mob has to beat the one, every questions must be answerd and if your in the mob and get one wrong, your out. The one has a few lifelines to help them beat the mob and after a few knockouts, has the chance to take the money or play on. More knockouts mean more money.

It's fun and as it has set times and there are only a few sessions per day, games are always packed, especially the weekly live show pieces. You get real adverts and really makes you feel as if you are part of a big trivia quiz. There has been no sign of the live host yet, annoying as he was I hope he returns as he would read gamertags and really bring together that whole interactive live experience.

Also it makes good use of you avator and answering questions unlocks dance moves for them. Cheesey yeah but quite funny when you have a dance off against your mates in the lobby, for a minute anyway!

Now all in for a free game, it's great. Achievements are pretty simple with a few requiring skill but not too difficult and an easy 200. The longest one is answer 500 questions, about 6 half hours of play.

All in all it's a whole bag of fun, great for trivia fans but you don't have to be nerd to enjoy it. Questions are quite ranged and unlike season 1, are fresh everyday so regular players have no real advantage. Best quiz game out there and playing against a mass of people really adds to it

Not sure what countries it's avaliabe in but if you can... do. smile
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1 vs 100 is family oriented game but let me tell you. Playing it with a party of your friends or by yourself, its really fun.
In 1 vs 100 there is 30 minutes in extended play and during special events it could last an hour or more. I like how you dont have to play the full game if you want. You can easily exit the game if you are finished answering questions or if you miss a lot of questions(Like me).
As you start a round in 1 vs 100 extended play you get somewhat easy questions. You get 3 answers to choose from. Once you choose an answer you are locked in for that answer. If you miss the question you get nothing but special bonuses for speed, but if you can answer the question quick enough and answer the question correctly you get a bundle of points. You need the right balance of both.
The main point that I love 1 vs 100 is because of the live events that they have usually once a week. During these events you are either one of the following: Crowd, Mob, or "the one".
Almost all the time you are part of the crowd, but if you are lucky enough you get to be part of the mob. Also, if you are really really lucky you get to be "the one" which is the person that goes against the mob. Dont give your hopes up though, the mob can win prizes too. Whoever you are in this event you have the chance to win prizes. Though you got to be pretty good at trivia to get these prizes.cry
You can also mess around with your avatar while playing the game. As you level your way up you unlock different dances. Which are funny and ridiculous at the same time. It gives me a laugh or two every time I pull out one of these moves. You can show off these different dances to your friends.
There is only one con to the game. Prizes are very hard to win. Unless you are very skilled at trivia. You probably arent going to win anything. Though I play 1 vs 100 for the joy not the prizes.
Overall I reccomend playing this game to anybody out there. Whether you are a trivia fan or not you will most likely have a lot of fun playing the game.smile
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Chicago AJ
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Chicago AJ
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Posted on 17 March 10 at 04:35
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The game is 1vs100 and most of you have played it or at least heard of it. Last season/a few months ago it was released onto the dashboard as an avatar game that gold members could play. Usually the game was up and running every night from 7pm central and the last round would end around 11:30pm central which is a great idea on the developer's part to limit the time that people could spend playing this game seeing as how they offer real prizes.

With the recent addition of achievements I think that this game definitely deserves a review (seeing as how it's free and free achievements are win). Whether you play games to complete them or just play for fun this game has something for everyone. With the extended play you get the chance to get associated with the game and get your bearings and basically just learn the mechanics of the game. Extended play is simply any round that is available and usually just has general trivia questions which could range anywhere from politics to Norse Mythology. The other version of the game is what they call a "Live Show". In this show there is crowd; the top 3 scores from the crowd receive an XBLA game, then the 100; these players are chosen on a variety of different stats: from previous round played, last round's score, or weekly score. This 100 competes against the 1 chosen player to receive a maximum of 10,000 Microsoft Points. Lastly the 1 is the person who the game revolves around, if they screw up, the points get divided up between the remaining members of the chosen 100.

Onto some of the pros and cons of the game. If you have a crazy work schedule like some members of XbA then you might find the times that the rounds are offered a bit annoying. The other thing that bugged me about the game personally is that if you play the game enough you will start to notice that ALL the questions repeat. If you play it more than enough you will eventually be able to answer 95% of the questions without fail. The leader boards from last season seemed to be a bit more organized but now some awards (not avatar) are available. On the positive side of things; you can have up to 4 people in your party if you need help or aren't particularly good at trivia. There's also an option for the guest setting so that if you do not have more than 1 gold account people playing at home can have more than 1 player on the same Xbox and up to 4 if you have enough controllers of course.

Now onto the most important part of the game; the FREE achievements!!! The achievements for the most part are pretty simple and can be gotten rather quickly with the exception to a couple. One requires you answer a total of 100 correct which is possible in one night if you're knowledgeable or play all the rounds offered. Another requires you simply answer 500 total questions regardless if you get the answer right or wrong. The only other 1 that deserves mention requires you to get 6 consecutive instant answer bonuses. This means that you have to get 6 questions correct in a row and you have to pick the right answer within .7 seconds of the answer being shown on screen.

All in all the 200 points should be fairly easy to get to even the casual gamer and if you aren't into the whole completion thing then this game offers tons of re-playability. They seem to add new questions every so often so hopefully you won't notice many repeats but if you do then you can feel that much smarter when other people you're playing with get them wrong. The only other thing I hope to see this game offer is 50 more achievement points and a lot more questions!
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