11-11 Memories Retold Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

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“It’s about those little moments of humanity between the two sides…”

Yoan Fanise – Director, DigixArt Studio

Hello and welcome to the 11-11 Memories Retold walkthrough. I'm Rossco7530 and I absolutely love this game! It is a touching adventure that follows two non-combatant soldiers through the trenches of World War 1 and beyond as their stories progress and intersect.

The most striking aspect of the game is the art style. At first glance the “painterly” effect may seem glaring, but after a short period of adjustment it becomes an integral part of this beautiful experience. The game wouldn't be the same without it.

As with all story-driven games, a 'blind' playthrough is recommended to fully enjoy the experience. Beware of spoilers ahead!

Thanks to Cheapskate Or Die for his collectibles video guides which are included. Thanks also to Basileus and NoHeroes94 for their feedback which has led to improvements in the walkthrough.

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