1942: Joint Strike

1942: Joint Strike

Xbox 360

1942: Joint Strike Achievements

Most Earned

Sharpshooter10 (10)You got a 90% percent or better accuracy rating.
Tiger32 (30)You collected 30 medals.
Wingman21 (15)You completed 3 levels of the game while playing Co-Op.
Concerted Combat
Concerted Combat15 (10)You destroyed 30 enemies using a Joint Strike.

Least Earned

Blitz41 (10)Complete the game on the Wing King difficulty setting.
Padlocked93 (25)Defeat all of the bosses with an S rating in one play-through.
Fangs Out
Fangs Out32 (10)You defeated all of the bosses with an A rating in one play-through.
Shinden Striker
Shinden Striker20 (7)You completed the game with the Shinden.
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