1. 2006 FIFA World Cup Walkthrough overview

Overall Difficulty For Completion Of This Game:

5/10 if you use the Story Playthrough for 1000G

1/10 if you decide to perform the Glitch for 1000G

Possible requirements for completion of this game:

A 2nd XBox 360 Controller for some of the game modes

A USB Device compatible with the Xbox 360 console (May be needed if you are doing the Glitch)

Hi everyone, welcome to another one of my walkthroughs and today I'm going to be doing you a guide on getting all of the achievements in the 2006: Fifa World Cup Game. This is not to be confused with the similar named game - FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup Achievements. Here is that walkthrough and credit goes to Drabik...

FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup Walkthrough

2006: Fifa World Cup was one of the first Football games available around the launch of the Xbox 360 Console. For that reason, it is known to be one of a few games that has a small amount of achievements you can go for, with only 5 achievements for 1000G Gamerscore. One of them alone is half of your work at 500G Gamerscore, putting this game alongside Brave: A Warrior's Tale Achievements as one of only two games that have the highest GS achievement in gaming to-date. The game does not have an area tied to the amount of playthroughs needed for completion. However I have put down 1 Playthrough towards the Global Challenge since that is likely to be the closest relation.

Note: The online servers for this game have been discontinued which means you cannot access any Xbox Live features that are in this game. However none of the achievements are tied to the Multiplayer, which means you can still go for all of them and get 1000G Gamerscore on this game. In addition, this game has never had any updates since it's official release.

Now there are 2 ways in which you can get all of the achievements done in the game. The Story Playthrough method is for playing the game normally. Despite the amount of achievements that are in the game, it is not known to be the easiest among the easy 1000G games you can pick up. You can get 500G in a couple hours but for the last 500G, you are required to play through the Global Challenges. As such it will take awhile for you to pass each Challenge in the game with some matches that are known to be difficult. However the difficulty has been given 5/10 due to skill and game-play basis. This method will take you around 10 - 25+ hours for 1000G.

The second method is the Glitch. There is a glitch in the game that is common among a large handful of EA Games that you can use to get 1000G Gamerscore within 30 Minutes - 1 Hour, hence the reason the difficulty has been given 1/10. The Glitch is within the game and it does not apply to Trueachievements Rules & Policies, which means if you have done it yourself you will not get banned or removed from the site. However if you do not perform the methods correctly towards the glitch, consequences can be met so only do this if you want to take a risk.

Details will be explained within the pages provided. Please read the General Hints & Tips section, then choose the page depending upon what you would like to do to get your 1000G on this game.

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