2. 2006 FIFA World Cup General hints and tips

Quick Plot

In 2006 Germany was chosen to host the 18th Fifa World Cup for the international football world championship. The winning team in this tournament turned out to be Italy. To tie in with the World Cup, 2 video-games were released. One standard football game which would be the first of constant releases throughout the Xbox 360's lifecycle - FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup Achievements. The other to be focused solely on the World Cup itself - 2006 Fifa World Cup.

As this was one of the first football games released for the Xbox 360 console, it served a purpose of showing off what the Xbox 360 could do with it's graphical content, game-play and features. The Main Menu system in this game has changed compared to previous installments which also included more options to choose from. In addition, the game also introduced Multiplayer features with the Xbox 360 Version allowing users to play with or against each other via Xbox Live. This feature has since been discontinued.

The Xbox 360 version's been given mostly mixed feedback. It's praises are known for it's graphics and presentation of the game. But it has been criticized for it's short length, it's increased difficulty and bugs/errors that are presented in the game on occasions. It has also been criticized due to it's online multiplayer closure. Many people also get confused with this game having a same name similarity towards FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup Achievements.

My Hints & Tips


Whilst the instruction book of this game (if you've got one) will provide an in-depth detail of how to play the game, you may want to take note of a handful of control methods depending upon what choice you want to make when going for the 1000G Gamerscore. Here are the main controls you want to keep in mind when you play the game...

cn_LS - Move Player

Hold Down cn_RT - Sprint with the current highlighted player

cn_A - Pass Ball

cn_B - Shoot Ball

cn_X - Cross/Long Pass

cn_Y - Throw Ball (Offside)

cn_LT - Trigger Run

You can change the controls from the Main Menu, then choose "Fifa World Cup Options", then choose "Controls".

Other Tips

When you first start the game up for the first time, you will be asked to choose a team of your choice from a list on the top left side of the screen. You can choose the Country by pressing cn_LT or cn_RT and then pick a team around that continent using cn_left or cn_right. For instance you could choose "Europe" as a Country and then choose "Wales" as your team. You are recommended to choose a team that has the best Ranking (the lower the number in ranking the better). This consist of Overall, Defense & Attribution Skills.

If you are not happy with your chosen team, you can choose another one my going into "Fifa World Cup Options" and then choose "Favorite Team". Here you can select a different Country & Team as your alternative choice.

You can modify your chosen teams "Squad Management" & "Tactics" by choosing "Team Management" in the Main Menu.

You can make the game easier for yourself by going into "Fifa World Cup Options" in the Main Menu and then choosing "Game Settings". Here you can modify some features in the game and change the A.I skill so that you can easily outsmart them on the football pitch.

There are 3 sections that consist of "Rules", "Audio/Visual" and "Game" settings by pressing cn_LT or cn_RT to switch in-between them. I would recommend the following...


Injuries: Off

Offsides: Off

Bookings: Off


Home Auto Switching: Remove all of the White Boxes (cn_left to get rid of them)

Away Auto Switching: Remove all of the White Boxes (cn_left to get rid of them)

Note: Changing any of these "Options" on the "Game Settings" do not change anything in the Global Challenge Game Mode.

If you are playing the Fifa World Cup Game Mode, you can change the Game Settings by pressing cn_LT or cn_RT and then choose the setting by pressing cn_left or cn_right. Consider looking into these before starting a Tournament to make the game easier for yourself.

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