3. 2006 FIFA World Cup Story Playthrough

Note: If you decide to use this method to get all of the achievements, you will not be able to perform the Glitch if you have at least 1 achievement unlocked. If you already have an achievement unlocked in the game, this is the only method you can do to get the remainder of the gamerscore and finish the game.

In truth honesty, this wasn't the method I used to get all of the gamerscore done for me. However I will try and provide as much detail as possible to help you get the game done for yourself within this section of the walkthrough.

Step 1: Misc Achievements

Whilst you can do these achievements in any order, I will personally place them in Number Order from 5 - 2 since the achievement with Number 5 on it has the lowest amount of Gamerscore and the achievement with Number 2 has the highest.

Before you start going for these achievements, you might want to consider changing some of the Game Settings since most of them will work in the game to make it more of a breeze. Read the "General Hints & Tips" Section of the walkthrough for more information.

Complete a Scenario

Complete any Challenge in Global Challenge

Complete a Scenario
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy +

For this achievement, you are required to complete a Global Challenge and get an Objective/Bronze Medal. This is the game-mode you will need to get used for later on. From the Main Menu choose "Game Modes" and then choose "Global Challenge".

In this menu you have a whole load of teams for you to choose from by pressing cn_LT or cn_RT and each of them will contain a certain amount of Challenges. Some teams will have more than 1 page of Challenges, in this case to flip over to the next page you just need to press cn_up or cn_down to scroll.

Whilst you can go for any of them right now for this achievement one of the easiest challenges is under "Europe" and the challenge is called "Romanian Lottery". This is a Penalty Shootout Challenge between Romania & Sweden. You as Romania must win the Shootout against Sweden. After you have completed the match you should be given this achievement.

Note: Make sure you press cn_X at the Global Challenge Menu to Save your progress, otherwise you will lose your progress of the match you have just completed when you return to the Main Menu and you will have to do the match again.

Beat the Host Nation

Beat the host nation Germany in a full match

Beat the Host Nation
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy +Buggy -

For this achievement, you just need to win a match against Germany. Believe it or not it can be done in any game mode including "Practice" which is probably where I suggest you get it. "Practice" is under the "Game Modes" option as well so make sure you pick a team your comfortable with and obviously choose "Germany" as your opponents. You just then need to win a match against them and you will then get this achievement.

Note: This achievement is known to be glitchy in which it could unlock earlier, or even losing against Germany, or not unlock at all. If this happens I suggest you choose a different game mode and win against Germany again to see if it unlocks.

Qualify for the World Cup

Qualify for the World Cup in 2006 FIFA World Cup™ Mode

Qualify for the World Cup
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy +

You'll need to use the "Fifa World Cup" from the Main Menu in order to get this achievement. Choose a New Save and then you'll be given options of Tournaments and Game Settings to choose from.

You can scroll through the Game Settings by pressing cn_LT or cn_RT and then press cn_left or cn_right to change the Settings of your choice. I recommend you change the following and make sure the remainder are the same...

Half Length: Choose 2 Minutes if you are skilled but if you need a bit more time for a chance to score against your opponents choose between 4 - 8 Minutes. Don't choose 45 Minutes.

Game Speed: If you want to speed up the Timer in the match choose Fast, but if you are not confident then choose Normal.

Difficulty: Amateur

Mode Select: To participate in less matches towards this achievement you are recommended to choose "Europe Qualifiers".

Once these Options are selected press cn_A to move onto the next screen. You will be presented with the teams of your choice to choose from. I recommend choosing "England" or "France" because these 2 teams have less matches to play for a chance to Qualify into a Tournament. Once you have chosen your team press cn_Y to be User Controlled (by yourself) and then press cn_A to move onto the next screen. Follow the on-screen instructions provided and complete the related matches for a chance to qualify. Once you have qualified for the World Cup you will get the achievement.

Win the World Cup

Win the World Cup in 2006 FIFA World Cup™ Mode

Win the World Cup
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy +

There are two ways in which you can get this achievement. But in honesty you are already half-way from the previous achievement. If you continue the matches you have been doing with the "England" or "France" team you have chosen and win against your opponents you will eventually reach the final match of the World Cup. All you have to do is win this match and the achievement will be yours.

Alternatively if you are not comfortable in doing this, choose "Fifa World Cup" from the Main Menu and then click New to start a new save slot (in case you make a mistake, you can revert back to your old data). Follow the instructions as provided for the previous achievement with the Game Settings and this time choose "Fifa World Cup Finals" as your Tournament. You can pick any team you like here and then you'll need to playthrough and win the matches. You'll get a final match here at some point and once you've won it and claimed victory in the World Cup, you will get this achievement.

Alright! So you should now have 500G/1000G in your collection on this game! Now it's time for the last... and grindy part of the game.

Step 2: All Global Challenge Scenarios Completed

Complete all Scenarios

Complete all the Challenges in Global Challenge

Complete all Scenarios
5 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy +

This where the cookie crumbles now so it's time to put your football skills for the ultimate test! As you know for one achievement you had to complete one of the Global Challenges. For this gigantic achievement you will have to complete "all" of the Challenges in the game. This consist of 40 Challenges in total. Originally you will only see 33 Challenges but once you have completed a substantial amount the remaining 7 will eventually unlock.

One of the known features that you can do in the game to adjust the opponents difficulty is changing the Team Managements which is in the Main Menu of the game. Find out what opponents you are going against and then use the Team Managements to adjust the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents to try and make the game easier. You could also try and adjust the team you will be playing as well. However you will find this is mostly luck based so multiple playthroughs in the game match is likely needed to form the best tactics.

You can restart the match that you are playing if you are losing by pressing cn_start and then selecting "Restart Match".

Note: Save your progress regularly with the cn_X button to avoid losing any data at the Global Challenge menu. Otherwise you will lose your progress of the matches you have just completed when you return to the Main Menu and you will have to do them all again.

Whilst most of the challenges are pretty straightforward, players have reported the following matches below to be the hardest among the lot to complete in the game. As such I have provided YouTube Videos to help you get an idea of what to do in the match when you get to it...

Australia VS Solomon Islands - Credit for video goes to BurningPandama

Brazil VS Sweden - Credit for video goes to AlzieeeeHD

And if you have managed to survive all of that and eventually win all of the matches in the Global Challenge you will unlock this large, gigantic 500G achievement giving you all 5 achievements for 1000G Gamerscore. Well done and congratulations, you have finished 2006: Fifa World Cup with one or another Football game in your completed collection!

If you would like to read my Conclusion, you may do so on the next page of the walkthrough. If not you have the right to leave the football pitch and you are dismissed from duty.

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