4. 2006 FIFA World Cup 1000G Glitch Method

The following information below details actions that could put your Profile, your Game Data and Saved Data on your Storage Device at risk. Whilst the following method does not break any violations, Trueachievements, The Walkthrough Managers, Walkthrough Seniors, the Walkthrough Owner, the Walkthrough Overseer and any associated Staff Members on the Site, will not take any responsibility of your actions performed on this game using the Glitch. Please consider reading through the instructions carefully to ensure satisfaction before attempting the Glitch for yourself.

Please note that whilst this guide is efficently correct, there is a chance that the Glitch may not work you must assume this as a 50/50 chance of it succeeding or failing. Thank you for understanding.

2006: Fifa World Cup has a well known Glitch like other related EA games such as skate. Achievements and FIFA 10 Achievements that allow you to get 1000G in a very short period of time. As said before the Glitch is in-game and does not affect your membership on Trueachievements. But if not performed correctly the glitch can make you look the other way and give out more of a consequence than if you we're to even try it out.

If you have any of the following features Bullet Pointed below, you will not be able to perform the glitch and you will unfortunately be left with the only option of reverting to the Story Playthrough in order to get the remainder of the achievements.

  • You already have this game on your gamer-card with at least 1 achievement unlocked.
  • You have saved data of a Career on your Storage Device - You cannot re-use the same saved data to perform the glitch. You will have to either delete this saved data or start a New Saved Data.

If you are unaffected by the above comments I would now like to have your attention, as it's now time for me to explain some details about this Glitch so that you can make your choice what to do. Then I'll provide you the Step-By-Step method.

Sadly there is no video created as of this date which shows and explains how you can do the Glitch to help you understand how it works. Therefore for the remainder of the walkthrough, everything will be written and in detail.

Decision Time

Before you even start the game first you'll need to check your gamer-card to see if you have played the game and check and see how many achievements you have unlocked. If you have 0 of 5 achievements unlocked, you are good to go and you can still do the Glitch. Skip this step if you have never played the game before.

Secondly you'll need to check your Storage Device and see if any saved data is placed on your console that is tied to this game before you start it up and work on the Glitch. Obviously delete any saved data that is tied to your Main Profile that needs the achievement, but I would also delete saved data for any other profile that's not in use so that the achievement does not have a screwy fest between your Main Profile and another profile that's on the console. Skip this step if you have no other profiles on the same console beside yourself and also skip this step if you have never played the game before.

Next we need to figure out how you want your achievements to unlock and whether your Xbox Profile is Online or Offline based because this alone will make a big difference when going for the Glitch.

Time-Stamped: In gaming on the Xbox, some people like their achievements to pop with the date, the year and the time the achievement unlocks for you, but you must be connected to Xbox Live in order to have this. Whilst you can do this, it means that this Glitch can only be performed "ONCE" and only once. If the Glitch works for you then you will walk away with 1000G and all of your achievements Time-Stamped as you wished for. However if the Glitch fails and you re-sign in with the profile by rebooting your console, because you will be connected to Xbox Live you will likely have at least 1 achievement unlocked when the game froze and you will not be able to revert your saved data & profile back to it's original state. This cannot be changed since the profile throughout the whole duration was signed into Xbox Live whilst playing the game. In other words you have been screwed and you'll have to do the remaining achievements via the Story Playthrough.

Profile Offline: If you have your Profile assigned to Xbox Live, but you decide to disconnect from Xbox Live whilst doing this Glitch, it means you'll have unlimited attempts in trying to get the 1000G done in this game. However you will not be able to get your achievements Time-Stamped since you are offline. Ensure as soon as you decide to start the game that you are disconnected from Xbox Live throughout the entire process. If you use Wireless Connections, ensure you use the Network Settings to disconnect from Xbox Live if you are using an Xbox 360 Slim or an Xbox 360 E. If you own an Xbox 360 Premium Or Elite console, you can just remove the Wireless Adapter behind the console.

You will likely need to make note of your E-Mail address & information that is tied to your Main Profile if you use this option towards the Glitch. You may also need a USB Device compatible with the Xbox 360 as well for reasons explained later.

Profile Offline But Not Xbox Live Compatible: If your Profile is not assigned to Xbox Live at all, it means you can do the Glitch but you will only have "One" chance to do this because if the glitch fails to work, you will not be able to re-try the method again. If you did wanted to try again you would only have one option of deleting the profile and creating a new profile using the same name as what you had in the past. But of-course this alone would erase all of your saved data, achievements you have unlocked tied to that profile you have been playing with as well as your name.

As such if you want to try this Glitch with this type of Profile, I would recommend you play this game first among any game you own for the Xbox 360, because if the glitch fails, at least you have no other saved data and achievements tied to your profile before it's gone.

Those are your choices but obviously if your profile is Xbox Live connected, you must decide to play it via Time-Stamped or Profile Offline. Personally I chose the safer option of playing the game Offline. But I've had friends which attempted to do the Glitch whilst connected to Xbox Live. Some of them walked away with 1000G in their pocket. Others we're not that successful.

Ultimate Tip Before You Begin

If you are not comfortable in doing this with your Main Profile straight away, I strongly suggest you practice this method using a Dummy Account. Even if it's an Offline account not tied to Xbox Live, that would still work towards this game as you do not need any Updates to try the glitch. If the glitch failed for the first time on a dummy account, you can just create another one and try it again to see what mistakes you may have done that need fixing to get it right. Then when you are ready, delete your saved data for the accounts and then load up your Main Profile to give it a try.

Step-By-Step Method

Alright I think I've given you enough warning for you to decide what to do, so now is the time for me to give you the Step-By-Step Method to attempt this Glitch to see if your going to get 1000G in the game or not.

When you are ready, put in your 2006: Fifa World Cup disc and let's begin the Road Glitch To 1000G. If you are intending to do this with your Profile Offline, now is the time to make sure your disconnected from Xbox Live. Also make sure all Saved Data is removed before you begin.

Step 1: Choose a team of your choice and then advance to the Main Menu. I recommend you watch the cutscene provided to ensure safety but you do not have to do this.

Step 2: From the Main Menu go into "Fifa World Cup" and then click "New". In this Tournament Menu you will want to choose these settings (remember to scroll through use cn_LT & cn_RT and cn_left & cn_right respectfully).

Half Length: 2 Minutes if you are skilled. Choose 4 Minutes if you need more time. I chose 4 Minutes

Game Speed: Fast if you are skilled or choose Normal if you are not comfortable. I chose Normal to figure out where I was positioned

Difficulty: Amateur

Mode Select: Fifa World Cup Finals

You will need to choose "Costa Rica" as your team. Press the cn_Y button to assign them as the team you wish to take control of. After pressing cn_A you will automatically be placed into the Finals of the Tournament. You can then change your Team's Positions if you want to or press cn_start to skip this section. You will be in "Group A" and you may need to press cn_A on Germany to highlight them (may not be needed). Press cn_start and your data will be saved under "Tourn1".

Keep skipping the sections by pressing cn_A and make sure your controller is assigned to Costa Rica.

Tip: It may be possible for you to use an additional controller that could be placed on Germany if you want to attempt to get an easy win. However I have never tried this method and I do not know if it will change things around with the Glitch. Once again it's personal preference.

Finally press the cn_start button in the next section and you will get your match loaded up with Costa Rica VS Germany.

Step 3: In this match you will need to win against Germany. However you must achieve a certain score in the match because I believe the game can be a bit screwy if you or your opponents get a certain goal. For this match the goal is to make sure your opponent has an "Even" number.

You will both start with 0 - 0 and if you we're to get 1 - 0 against Germany this would be fine. However if Germany was to get 0 - 1 or 1 - 1, then you'll need to do some adjustments. The adjustments would be you'll have to get Germany 2 Points and then you'll have to outsmart them by overlapping them with another goal. That equals 3 - 2 but it might be impossible to score that within the assigned the time limit.

Overall I would suggest you get just 1 - 0 against Germany. If you we're wanting to put in a bit more fun, make sure you score 3 - 0 or 5 - 0 against them. As long as your score is an "Odd" number you should be safe.

If you are failing and you feel as though you cannot win against Germany or get the score you need, immediately open up your cn_guide guide and then press cn_Y to return to the Xbox 360 Dashboard. Delete your save data and then reboot the game. Repeat everything from Step 1 and then try again to win against Germany. This is the only way you can restart a match. You do not have the option to restart the match in this game mode. Always make sure your Saved Data is called Tourn1, NOT Tourn 2 etc.

Note: Earning a Draw and going into Penalty Shootout will void the requirement of the glitch and will not work. The same goes if Germany was to win the match as well. You must make sure you score ahead and win against Germany within the timed duration of the match.

So once you've won the match against Germany, originally you would have unlocked this achievement because you have beaten the host nation...

Beat the Host Nation

Beat the host nation Germany in a full match

Beat the Host Nation
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy +Buggy -

However... You Don't!

Warning: With this in mind, because you have not got the achievement it means the glitch is now in process. Therefore from this point onward you must not switch off your Xbox 360 console or return to the Xbox 360 Dashboard. Doing the following will cancel the glitch and it may unlock some achievements by mistake, defeating the glitch's purposes.

Step 4: You will be asked to save your data so it's optional if you wish to do so. Exit from the Tournament and go to the Main Menu. From here you will need to choose "Game Modes" and then choose "Global Challenge". Here you will need to choose one of the Scenario's and win it.

The one that everyone recommends since it's the one that will likely spawn the Glitch is "Ivory Coasting", the first one you will see. You will be the Ivory Coast with 1 Point and you will go against the Cameroon who have scored 2 Points. You only have half of the match remaining and you must turn the tides around and win against the Cameroons. Unfortunately you cannot change the difficulty or the speed of the match, which means you will have to play this one properly.

Tip: If you are losing in this match or you are running out of time, you can press the cn_start button and choose to Restart Match.

Warning: Once you are in this match, you cannot exit it as you just remain in it at all times. If you exit the match you will likely unlock the "Beat The Host Nation" achievement, destroying your chance on doing the Glitch all together.

The recommended score to go for against the Cameroons is obviously 3 - 2. That means you will need to get 2 goals and they must not get anything during the half duration of the match. If you are lucky you could try and go for 5 - 2, but don't get 4 - 2 as those are both even numbers and could muck around with the glitch. You will need one "Odd" Number and one "Even" Number in the scoring system. Having said all this you only have half of the match and getting 2 goals will likely eat up enough time as it is. If your opponents we're to score, I suggest you pause the game and restart the match as you will not have enough time to deal with the situation.

Note: Do not put the match into Penalty Shootouts, this will not work towards the achievement Glitch neither.

Step 5: If you have done everything above and you have won the match, you will then be getting the highlight replay screen. Feel free to skip or watch this if you wish, but be ready at the controller to do the Glitch. At some point after the highlights you will be given your Passport Accomplishments and this achievement will then unlock...

Beat the Host Nation

Beat the host nation Germany in a full match

Beat the Host Nation
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy +Buggy -

Now, quickly press the cn_guide guide button as soon as the achievement appears and it's flashing on your screen!

If you have done this correctly you should have your grey Xbox 360 Guide screen and it will be blank for a period of time. Do not touch anything on your controller, leave it for as long as needed. It will take a few seconds or even up to a minute or two to load. After waiting a period of time, eventually you will have your game loaded with the achievement screen, and you will get another notification below saying 4 achievements unlocked for 950G. Giving you...

Complete a Scenario

Complete any Challenge in Global Challenge

Complete a Scenario
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy +

Qualify for the World Cup

Qualify for the World Cup in 2006 FIFA World Cup™ Mode

Qualify for the World Cup
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy +

Win the World Cup

Win the World Cup in 2006 FIFA World Cup™ Mode

Win the World Cup
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy +

Complete all Scenarios

Complete all the Challenges in Global Challenge

Complete all Scenarios
5 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy +

And that alone will give you all 5 achievements in the game for 1000G Gamerscore! If this is done correctly, then congratulations you have done the Glitch and you now have 1000G in 2006: Fifa World Cup in less than an hour. It will now be one or another Football game added in your collection! Scroll down to the Conclusion section if you have your 1000G in the game.

Aaahh! My Game Froze! Help!!

If your game has frozen after the highlight screen, press the cn_guide guide button anyway and see if the game's going to load. If your still hearing sound effects in the background after you have pressed the guide button, chances are the glitch can still be in the works. As long as you have pressed the cn_guide guide button whilst the achievement is supposed to pop, you will have a chance in getting all of the achievements to unlock in the game.

If however you feel as though the game has properly frozen and you do not hear any sound effects from the match, then your likely in trouble. Press the cn_guide guide button anyway and leave it for a minute or two to see what happens. If you have waited that long and nothing happens, then you'll have to turn off your console since there's nothing you can do with the game.

Now what do I do?

I will feel for you as you will be easily stressed with the outcome, but please keep calm as I'll guide you through with these next steps. I've had this done myself so I know exactly what has happened...

Step 1: Switch on your console and eject the disc out of your drive immediately if you haven't done it. Make sure your still disconnected from Xbox Live.

Step 2: Have your Main Profile signed in and check and see what achievements you have.

Step 3: There is a high chance that you will have this achievement now unlocked...

Beat the Host Nation

Beat the host nation Germany in a full match

Beat the Host Nation
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy +Buggy -

Having this unlocked now will prevent you having another chance in doing the Glitch again for 1000G. Now your fate depends upon what choices you have made at the start before you did the glitch.

Time-Stamped: If you have chosen to try and have your achievements "Time-Stamped" and remain connected to Xbox Live, I'm sorry to say this but you will have no choice but to complete the game manually using the Story Playthrough if you want to get your remaining 1000G. Please read that section of the walkthrough to continue.

Profile Offline But Not Xbox Live Compatible: I'm sorry but if you haven't got your account related to Xbox Live then you will have to either delete the Profile and start again from scratch if you want to try this Glitch again or you'll have to do a Story Playthrough if you want to get the remaining 1000G. Please read that section of the walkthrough to continue.

Profile Offline: If you have tried to do this achievement with an account that can connect to Xbox Live, but you kept it offline then you can still try again at this glitch.

However you will now need to do some coordinating to get it work. This will take a bit of time, depending upon how many games are tied to your profile. This is also where you'll need your E-Mail address and details.

Step 1: Go into your Storage Device and delete any saved data tied to the game.

Step 2: Find the profile that you want to try this method again with and delete it from the Storage Device. When asked if you want to keep your Saved Data & Achievements tied to the profile, make sure you "Keep" them and "Only" delete the Profile (Choose Delete Profile Only).

Step 3: Get your Xbox 360 console connected to the Internet so that you can access Xbox Live.

Step 4: Choose to Recover your Profile and download it from Xbox Live. Use your information and let your profile download. This could take some time depending upon how large your profile is with the achievements and gamerscore tied to it. Here are the instructions from Xbox.com on how to download your profile to the console...


Tip: If your profile is having errors in downloading to your console, it could be because of faults or corruptions. If you have tried to download your profile to the console multiple times but it doesn't work, a simple solution is to attach a USB device that is compatible with the Xbox 360 console. When asked which Storage Device you want the profile downloaded to, you can choose the USB Device. The profile will then download to the USB Device and if it's successful, you can transfer that profile from the USB Device back to your Storage Device that you use for the Xbox 360 Console. Alternatively you can use another Xbox 360 to recover your profile too as another solution.

Step 5: When you have your profile back, check your achievements to see if 2006: Fifa World Cup is on it or not. If you haven't got any achievements for the game or if it's not appeared on your card, it means you are safe and you can now do the glitch again to see if you can get 1000G Gamerscore.

Step 6: Let your profile settle into the Xbox 360 console as soon as it's downloaded as you'll likely hear background noises on the console. You might want to consider checking through the gamer-card and all of the achievements within all of the games you have played on the card, so that your console can fully load them. By doing this next time you look at the achievements for the related game, they will load faster than what they did in the past.

Step 7: When you are ready to play 2006: Fifa World Cup again, disconnect your console from the Xbox Live and repeat everything above to see what the outcome is.

If your profile fails to do the Glitch again, read the above method applied and keep on trying if possible towards this glitch. I almost gave up numerous times but I used willpower to try again with dummy accounts and eventually after gaining success on one dummy account, I got it straight away afterwards on my Main Profile.

Chances are if the game has frozen once, it will likely not do it again a 2nd time if you keep your console on after you have recovered your gamertag and try it again. Having said that it is known for some user to take multiple attempts before the Glitch fully works and then they get to see 1000G from this game in their collection.


If treated rightly, this game can be an easy 1000G and done in a short period of time, even when it's regarded as not the fully easiest 1000G game you can find for the Xbox 360. If you are not a Pro Football player like myself, unless you wish to use the Glitch this might be a game to avoid as it may not be your cup of tea. Unless you can get used to the controls.

This game can easily be found in a bargain bin at dastardly cheap prices. However due to the consequences if the Glitch wasn't to work, this alone seems to put off people from actually picking up and playing this game.

If this is a game you want to try for yourself to see if you want to go for 1000G with whatever method applied, I strongly suggest you use a dummy account first and try the game first before you decide to playthrough and complete it with your Main Profile.

Whatever choice you decide to make, I wish you the best of luck in going for all of the achievements in the game.

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