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Posted on 31 March 10 at 16:45, Edited on 01 April 10 at 03:40
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FIFA 06: RTFWC is an amazing soccer game. The best I've ever played, in fact. Hell, it's the best sports game I've ever played. It's even better than Cats.

None of what I've just said is true. In fact, even though I picked this up cheap on sale, and saw it had an easy 1000 GS, I still feel robbed.

The gameplay is okay at best, and not much of an improvement over previous iterations. The graphics are decent, but not stellar. The achievements are a bit of a grind (make sure you win those tournaments along the way, or you'll have to repeat the game to get them!). Of course, there are only 6 of them, and they're relatively easy to get. Especially if you play as Brazil or France (or another elite team).

However, the one glaring asinine thing about this game is that... it's incomplete. The game is called "Road to FIFA World Cup" for one important reason... it doesn't have the bloody World Cup!!! For that you have to buy 2006 FIFA World Cup. Feel ripped off now, don't you? Once you've gotten through the qualifying, the game gives you a list of the teams that made the finals. And that's it.

Congratulations! Now go buy the other game to play what you really wanted! That's EA... looking for new ways to get you to buy crap.

What ticks me off is that earlier iterations of FIFA had the opportunity to qualify and then win the Cup. I always liked taking Vanuatu to the title. I even had to look up Vanuatu on the map (and now I find out that a friend of my wife's works there now. Now THAT'S a small world. FYI, it's an island in the Pacific.)

If you REALLY love soccer games, pick it up, but be warned. It's not a great game. The achievements are relatively easy, but that's about it. If you want a better game, pick up the far superior FIFA Soccer 10.

I'll give it 2 stars, because I won't sneeze at 1000 straightforward GS.
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Halo Destroyer8
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Halo Destroyer8
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Posted on 12 May 09 at 16:40
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FIFA O6 Road to World Cup

I know its a bit late to review this but im bored.sleep
The game is simply about getting your team to the world cup. The has a few game modes like road to world cup mode, create a tournment, and exbition mode thats about it. I tdoes have an online mode. The achivements are relativly easy to get they just invovle tasks like win a torny or win masters things like that. Well lets get on to the reveiw.

The graphics are colourful and vived player models arent the best but some nice shadow and shading effects on the pitch quite nice and since it was one of the first games that came out its still very colourful.wink

This is the weakness of the game the game is not that fun to play and gets very repetive after a while. Its not that fast paced compared to pes and does nt have that addivness that pes has. The players also move like robots.cry

Commentry is good but sometimes gets very repitive after a while the atmosphere is quite good but not that atmosphric compared to pes.

Not very difficult at all and you can tell this by looking at the achivments they are time consuming but not the hardest.

The game mode road to world cup is time consuming but its not that addictive so it wont last long truthfully it you will only play about 10 matches before you get bored of it.
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