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Hazar Khall
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Hazar Khall
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Posted on 11 August 19 at 00:04, Edited on 11 August 19 at 00:13
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A game with such awful spelling errors, I actually am unsure if the title was a mistake or not.

Hello, and welcome to my review of 2URVIVE.
2URVIVE is the brain child of indie developer/publisher 2BAD GAMES. The end game credits state outright that it is a one man project, from somebody who quit their job and put 3 years into it.
I am unsure if I can say I can say it all. The game is riddled with problems, has awful spelling and flat characters, and is incredibly, incredibly short, relying VERY heavily on the hopes you'd want to replay it and its "mercenaries" mode.
With no further delay;

2URVIVE is a shoot 'em up, set in the middle of a zombie outbreak, tasking the player through a campaign, a short epilogue, and a "mercenary" mode, which removes the story and just has the player shooting waves after wave of zombies.

The game features flat, forgettable characters in the middle of a zombie virus outbreak. Created in a lab, the virus escapes, much in the same vain as Resident Evil, and the world starts to go to heck. The only difference here being that Giant Spiders seem to be either spreading, or at least carriers of the virus.

Story mode follows your play as Alan, with his brother John and best friend Phil, as you try to figure out what is going on, where is safe to go, and if there is anyone else alive.
The epilogue is set sometime after the story, a few missions that seem to try to hurriedly wrap up and end the story.
Mercenaries mode follows you as you level up (in truth, doing NOTHING but unlocking new areas and modes) and take on wave after wave of zombies in new areas.
For full disclosure I can't explain any of the type varieties, I tried an exact one type and one style of map, I was uninterested in making my grind any longer or harder.

Not much is fleshed out for you otherwise. It looks like the feeling of mystery was supposed to be felt, but really, the cliches, ham and otherwise uninteresting character interactions just made the experience uncanny.

In a typical twin stick shoot 'em up fashion, movement and aiming is handled with the sticks, with the trigger being used to fire.

The player gets money per zombie kill, used in between rounds to buy turrets and guns. You hold every gun in your inventory, swapped by the bumpers, though the guns only have a price in the games shop, no stats to compare them to. This actually caused a problem for me, when I saved up for the expensive auto shotgun, only for its pellets to be weak AND short range.

Aiming wasn't too bad, Though as there isn't a cross hair, you'll need to try a gun a time or two to see how well it works for you.

Turrets set up spots are scattered around maps, needing money to activate and to buy repair kits for.

Your AI partners in the story and epilogue can't fall in combat, making game play a cycle of hiding behind turrets and running around the map, as you'd expect from a wave shooter like Crimson Land or Yet Another Zombie Defense Game (though the second isn't top down, mind you).
Your partners, however, are quite dumb and can't change guns, so, their effectiveness slowly goes down as the waves go on.

There was usually no real strategy required, however, after learning how overpower turrets were I'd use the default weapon (As your inventory resets per map) as long as possible and save up my cash for all the turret slots.

Having a pixelated look to it, with a similar old style 8bit-ish soundtrack, the game feels like it was doing the best it could with a low budget. It would be unfair to say it didn't fit the atmosphere, but it also wasn't anything spectacular.

Bodies don't stay around too long after you kill the enemy, though in many instances blood splatter did.
I noticed the game would slow down at times if I had a lot going on at once, whiiich usually had me dying as THAT much action usually meant my gun was trash and I wasn't killing zombies, so that could have really just been me stress testing the system too much.

This game would be about a 3/10. The game took about 3 hours to complete, only because I didn't skip cut scenes, I actually soaked in all the sappy, mistake ridden text. I could have shaved a good 20 minutes off.
Outside of a few hiccups and cheap deaths, you really don't have a learning curve. Turrets, powerful guns, survive waves in a cheap indie game.

Repetition is really the killer here, as even as the location changes, you still kill the same few zombie types over, and over, and over.

The game gets two stars, and it gets two, as opposed to the 1.5 of Trax and Super Weekend Mode, because of its length.
The fact that you have a repeatable wave mode, a manageable difficulty, on top of its fast, assured completion, was its only saving grace.

The game is riddled with spelling errors, gun balance issues, lack of stats. A boring story, boring, forgettable characters, and too few enemy varieties. Item drops were rare, the sound track was unengaging, and this game is an example of the titles that makes me question just *what* gamer score is worth to me.

Though the game has a few things not present in other zombie series, such as Giant Spiders, I can't say this was a very pleasant experience.
It was cheap, its pretty entry level difficulty as far as shoot 'em ups and twin sticks are concerned, and it wouldn't be too hard for anyone to add the 100% to their gamer card.

Very, very often I root for the little guy. Very often do I go the extra mile to rate, review, customer feedback, anything when it comes to somebody starting out, they need that.

If this is a pet project, a side thing being done in ones spare time, then great, somebody wrote, created and put out a game themselves, it's actually not a shabby achievement, I review games but I've never done that.
If this is the quality of games that 2BAD GAMES can be expected to be putting out, though, even the above said I can't say they will be the next Bungie or Rockstar. It's just wasn't that good of a first impression to be hyped over their future.
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