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2urvive WT


2urvive or not 2urvive, that is the question. Luckily for us all, easy achievements is the answer!

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The graphics are lame, the game is basic but it is consistent and the added bonus of co-op. The zombies (which I’ll refer to as Z’s) might not be scary, but they make up for it with numbers and variety. It has a story as well but I mashed through it so I can't comment much more than it exists. If the graphics are any indicator, I'll assume the story is pretty basic too.

This walkthrough will be set up with general advice, quest explanations and a direction to obtain each achievement. There may be easier ways of beating levels and/or different strategies you could utilize. I pretty much stick with turrets because of the overwhelming number of Z's that come from every flipping direction. Let's get this party started.

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