3 on 3 NHL Arcade Reviews

  • KARMAgoesHARDKARMAgoesHARD937,977
    11 Jul 2009
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    NHL 3 on 3 Arcade- A Hockey Hit Fest

    I am not a diehard hockey fan. I watch it occasionally, and with that being said here is my review on NHL 3 on 3 Arcade.

    I was expecting this game a week earlier, so when it came out on Feb. 11 I was a bit surprised. I had sort of forgotten about the game. Once I saw it on the marketplace I decided I would give it a shot. Glad I did, as this game is well worth the ten bucks for diehard and everyday fans alike.

    When EA says “No-Rule” hockey, they mean it. The gameplay is real fast thanks to powerups, and it seems like an all out brawl. You can check people over the boards, knock the goalie down, or do whatever when you don't have the puck. This becomes really frustrating at times, especially when playing online and everybody just hits. Against the AI though, the no-rule hockey is really fun.

    As I mentioned above, there are powerups. Depending on how you look at it, this sort of detracts your enjoyment of the game (you can turn them off). Personally I prefer a sports game without cheesy powerups. Some people enjoy it. Meh. Anyways, you can get powerups by laying big hits on your opponents. They range from REALLY cheap powerups- like the Big Goalie or Small Goalie – to some that almost hurt more then help – extra speed. Thankfully there is an option to turn these off when playing local.

    I was sort of disappointed in some of the player's in the game, a few great players got snubbed. Doesn't matter much though, as almost all the players are same(If they are in the same category like Fast, Strong, etc). They have some pretty big name goalies in the game though, but they play like Ovechkin is taking shots on an eight year old goalie! I have gotten the puck in between the goalies legs from across the ice! Seriously, the goalies play like they have no idea what they are doing which can bring frustrating to a whole new level- trust me!

    Graphically this game is nice. It reminds me of a Wii game with the style of art the players are. Almost cartoony, but I like it. It's different and refreshing. More games need to follow this sort of style. Definitely an upside to the game. It's even easy to see the puck!

    Online is okay if you like to spam hits and not play hockey like it's hockey and more of a street brawl. Thankfully there is leaderboards and voice chat or this game would bore almost everyone online very fast. One great new feature is the fact you can play with two other guests online(or offline for that matter). Fun stuff.

    The players are easy to control. Hitting can sometimes be glitchy, but you can either hit with the RS or B so it is pretty easy to adjust to whatever you are used to on other hockey games. Having the same buttons to hit and shoot can be annoying at times, however, if you ment to hit someone put grab the puck as you press the button forcing you to shoot .


    Overall this is a great game no matter how you play it- As a brawl or as a hockey game with bigger hits. With or without powerups. As I said earlier, a definite buy for anyone who likes hockey.


    + Graphics
    + Big hits
    + Easy to adapt to controls
    = Online
    = Powerups
    - The occasional “hit fest”

    This was originally posted by me at http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/xbox360/review/R133080.html .
  • KACG FeaRKACG FeaR312,984
    25 Apr 2009
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    As soon as I saw that there was going to be an arcade game for hockey my first thoughts were "I am getting that game as soon as it comes out". And I am glad I did. I am a die hard hockey fan and I play myself and this isn't a game just for achievements. It's a game that you should have fun on. Huge hits, awesome deke's, cool powerup's. It's controls are the same as NHL 09, with the skill stick. Except you can pull off some pretty cool moves. It's like the All Star Rookie vs. Sophomore game in the NHL. Just a lot more checking and their not all rookies or sophomores. If I was you, and you don't mind that the achievements arn't the hardest in the world, then buy it.
  • Se4nzZ WoRLdSe4nzZ WoRLd330,379
    15 Jul 2010
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    3 on 3 NHL arcade is one of those games that I downloaded the trial version for when it first came out, and decided that it wasn't worth 800 MS points. As I was doing my random marketplace browsing yesterday, I found out that NHL 3 on 3 Arcade was now 400 MS points, so I bought it.

    Let me start off by saying I am no hockey fan. I'm a Canadian, and I don't like hockey. With that said, I somewhat enjoyed this game. I like the fact that there are no pesky rules in this game, and I also like the game changing power-ups.

    The greatness about no-rules is that there are no stupid, frustrating things that will automatically bring you to a face-off. I have NHL 09 on my gamercard with one achievement, and I'm in no hurry to go back and finish that pile of garbage. With no-rules, you can completely crush opposing team members with explosive hits that give you power-ups, and that is how I like my hockey!

    The power-ups are what really bring the excitement to the game though. They are fairly well balanced, and they can change a game in a heartbeat. Oh no! You're losing 4-3 in a game to 5! No problem, just get a 2x multiplier, and a shrink goalie power-up, and you have got yourself an easy 2 point goal for the win. That is how the keep the fast paced action!

    The game was too short and easy though. The achievements were a joke. In this game, I would have liked to see an achievement along the lines of Win X Amount of online matches. I would have liked to see that to make the game a little longer because otherwise, you are finished very quickly.

    I'm giving this game a 3 stars because it is a fun, exciting game that is lacking in length. I really don't see myself playing it again unless I have some friends over and decide to play a competitive fun game like this one.
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    I am a die-hard hockey fan and usually prefer a good shooter,rpg, or a NHL 09/NHL 10 type game. When i first saw this game it was actually a review in OXM. I read the reviews and went to the closest 7-11 and got 1600msp. I got all 12 cheevos in 2 days and i didnt think that the price of the game was worth it. When im bored or about to get off xbox live, ill play a quick multiplayer game. It is a good game but i think the price could be lower. Finally i want to see new players. being a die-hard flyers fan i want to see more players from the flyers and just other nhl players in general. And more goalies. toast
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    3on3 NHL hockey has easy achievements, good graphics, and co-op/multiplayer system. In my opinion... I WANT MY MONEY BACK!angry
    I thought when I buy a sports game that they'll make me play them for hours & hours without being bored with them. I was unfortanualty wrong in this case, I want my 800MSP back only becuase this game isnt worth $10... maybe $5, but not $10.cry
    I got 200GS in exchange for 800MSP, not a fair deal if you ask me.
    Maybe wait 'till this game goes down to 400... I wish I did!
    Overall a 3/5, the boring aspect of it takes away a point, and so does the difficulty (I got nearly all of my achievements on HARD).