3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures Reviews

  • StingX2StingX2428,832
    18 Feb 2009 05 Dec 2009
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    3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures is an arcade game that now is $5 (400MS) and no longer overpriced. The achievements won't take long and really simply require you to Eagle (Hit for one stroke under par for the golf unaware) or better for at least 75% of the holes which may sound hard but it isn't. This means you can Par or even Bogey one or two holes that you absouletely suck at, for most people this is the rocket ship course.

    Like many arcade games Minigolf has an exploitable save system in that it saves after each hole. So if you make abad shot or putt you simply must redo the hole. This really cuts out the difficulty in the game into non-existance. Be aware though that restarting a hole in where you collect a medal causes that medal to be lost.

    Speaking of the medals they are easy to collect when not aiming for any kind of fast finish on the courses. I reccommend playing through the game a second time to get medals as most are so out of your way they will screw over your achievements to be such an amount under par.

    In conclusion the graphics are not hideous and the cartoony style fits the mood, as does the music. It controls fine and is a simple game, if your willing to throw down 800MS on it you'll have 200 in the bag (though you will need a buddy to lose real quick to you online).
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    ERIKDOTCOMIs it permanent?
    Posted by ERIKDOTCOM on 05 Dec 09 at 03:56
    Doctor ShawnAn Eagle is 2 strokes under par. One stroke under par is a Birdie.
    Posted by Doctor Shawn on 11 Feb 10 at 03:53
    KiR3DDoctor Shawn is correct.
    Posted by KiR3D on 30 Jul 11 at 22:55
  • T IR E L O NT IR E L O N473,893
    30 Oct 2008
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    It doesn't get much more basic than this when it comes to golf games. The presentation is very good with some pretty wacky level design. There's also a fair bit of replay value with various collectables and play throughs available. There is also an online multiplayer mode which I thoroughlly enjoyed. The character design is hilarious. Players can choose from a range of avatars, from the fat to the bone-thin. Seeing as though this review is for an achievement website, lets take a quick look at the achievements. If you are into collectibles then this game is for you. The achievements do require some dedication but nothing that requires too much time and effort. Although, at the moment there seems to be a shortage of online players. So you'll have to set something up with another player in order to get the very easy online achievements.

    But it's not all sunshine though. There is lots of trial and error to go through the first time around. At 800 Microsoft Points though, it is a bargain.