1. 4 Elements II: Special Edition (Win 8) Walkthrough overview

4 Elements II is a tile matching puzzle game combined with a few point-and-click adventure scenes that glue the levels together.

The main storyline is 64 levels, which you will have to play through twice. You cannot “replay” story levels – once you have finished one of the levels, you can’t play that level again until you finish all 64 levels and start a new round. There are also 48 bonus levels that can be played (and replayed) at any time.

There are a set of achievements for finishing the main story and the bonus levels, but most of the achievements are cumulative progress achievements for doing things like you’re likely to do anyway.

There is one missable achievement. Eagle Eye requires you to complete the main story without using the hint button. If you use a hint, then your game state is ‘tainted’ and even future playthroughs will not unlock the achievement. You must go to the settings charm and reset the game (losing all progress) and then play through the 64 story levels again.

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