3. 4 Elements II: Special Edition (Win 8) Story walkthrough

The main story consists of 4 elements, and each starts with a point-and-click adventure page followed by 4 character pages. Each character page contains 4 match levels followed by a small hidden picture puzzle.

While the match level layout is not random, the actual layout of the tiles is random (or mostly random) so no specific solution can be given, but tips will be offered.

MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENT ALERT: Remember not to use a hint on any of the puzzles or you will have to reset the game to unlock an achievement.


Start by locating all of the pieces hidden in the scene:

Air puzzle

Shovel: On the ground left of the rock; below the crank; left side on the altar
Axe: Bottom left of the cave entrance; on top of the altar
Gear: Right of the altar; right of the cave entrance; behind the base of the tree
Crystals: Behind a rock to the lower-left of the altar; in the grass at the bottom of the screen; at the top of the tree trunk

You should have the shovel complete and all of the other parts need only one piece. Use the shovel to dig the sand at the cave entrance to reveal the last piece of the axe. Use the axe to chop the roots covering the crank. Pick up the last gear piece and use it on the crank.

This opens a puzzle. Complete the chain of gears: Large, small, large, small, small, and large. This raises the bucket with the last crystal. Pick up the crystal and put them on the altar.

Now you have to repeat three sequences of music notes. The note sequences are always the same, but there are two different patterns for each round. If you make a mistake, you are given the other pattern to try next. Labeling the crystals left to right (where ‘2’ is the short one in front and ‘3’ is the tall one behind it), the note sequences are: 5-4-1 / 6-3-5; 6-3-5-4 / 1-2-7-3; 7-4-3-3-2 / 6-3-5-4-3.

Level 1: The first two levels are tutorial levels. You really can’t fail them. However, they are also ideal levels to earn two achievements on. However, to do that, you have to break out of the tutorial mode. To do that, make a match in the center of the screen before the tutorial kicks in to tell you about matching squares. (If you see the fairy giving you the lesson, just restart the level, as the tutorial will require you to make a 4 tile chain.)

Now, work on clearing this level, making only chains of 3 tiles. You only have to clear a small gap in the middle and a slightly longer gap of 5 tiles at the end.

The less, the better

Complete a level using chains of only 3 chips

The less, the better
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Level 2: The goal for this level is going to be to clear the level using only chains that are 5 tiles long or longer. Since the tutorial for this level is long chains, and the level is short, this should be possible. Looking at the start, if you don’t see enough long chains to get started, restart the level. (It seems you always get a long chain in the middle of the screen, but not always one on the right side where your ooze starts from.)


Complete a level only using chains of 5 or more chips

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Level 3: This level introduces the spade power-up. This fills up by matching green tiles and when full lets you eliminate any single square of dirt. It doesn’t work on frozen squares and doesn’t eliminate the tile on that square. If the square has multiple layers of dirt, it only removes a single layer.

Shortly into the level, you’ll get to an area where you have to use the spade to clear a block and to the left and right are two large areas of blocks. This is a good opportunity to try for the speed achievements. You have to get 20 matches in 30 seconds or less. Make matches as fast as you can, starting from the top of the screen (so that the match doesn’t disturb the locations of other matches) and don’t wait for the tiles to finish falling. Match long chains 3 at a time (to get multiple matches instead of just one). If you’re quick enough, you should unlock:

Each Second Matters

Collect 15 chains in 30 seconds

Each Second Matters
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerTime/Date

Speed of Light

Collect 20 chains in 30 seconds

Speed of Light
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerTime/Date

If you don’t unlock it here, there are plenty of other changes to do it. You can also disable the timer (enable ‘Relaxation mode’ in the settings charm) to give yourself more time to work with.

Level 4: This level introduces the pipeline puzzle. These are usually straightforward, but time consuming. If your pipe gets stuck, it usually means you turned left when you should have turned right (or vice versa) but most of the time, there is only one way for the pipe to continue.

This image shows the completed path. They won’t all be that easy.

Level 4 puzzle

Also, if you can finish level 4 without using the Spade power-up, you unlock:

Carte Blanche

Restore at least one card of the Book of the Elements without using any power-ups

Carte Blanche
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Pegasus: After each set of 4 levels, there is a puzzle to finish solving the page. For Pegasus it is a hidden picture puzzle. The items are circled in the picture:

Pegasus puzzle

A ship’s brake: The anchor on the ship in the upper right
A trap for flies: The spider web in the upper left.
Born of a tree: The leaf below the ship on the right.
For steering a horse: The reigns worn by the Pegasus.

Level 5: This level introduces ice squares. They don’t collapse when tiles below them are eliminated. Using an ice tile in a chain just thaws it but doesn’t destroy the tile or the dirt under it. This is where long chains help as an ice square in a chain that is also hit by the explosion will remove both the ice and the dirt. You cannot use the shovel on frozen squares.

Level 6: This level introduces magical arrows. They activate when the ooze reaches them and fire off for a predetermined distance, destroying items in their path (and can activate other arrows).

The pipeline puzzle is solved like this:

Level 6 puzzle

Level 7: The magic fire power is unlocked now which is powered by red tiles. This will clear all frozen squares and destroy tiles for 2 squares in all directions from the tile you activate. However, it will not clear dirt to allow ooze to flow.

Level 8: Level 8 introduces squares with multiple layers of dirt. Anything that clears dirt (making a chain, using the shovel, or explosions) only remove one layer, but a tile that is part of a chain that also explodes will get two layers removed (one for the chain and one for the explosion).

Fairy: This is a spot the difference puzzle. Click (in either picture) on the four differences between the two images. In the Fairy picture, the differences are:

Fairy puzzle

• Stump over the fairy’s head
• Door on the left side
• Flower on lily pad in lower left
• Ladybug on red flower in lower right

Level 9: This level introduces the locked gate. In addition to making a path to the gate, you also have to make a path to the blue and green beacons that unlock the gate.

Level 10: This level introduces the rings. They come in two forms: ones that form a cross (like the first one you see) and ones that form a path (either straight or curved). Usually there is only one correct orientation for the rings, but occasionally you can use the curved path to form a path between both entrances or both exits making the rest of the level very difficult or impossible to clear.

Even where you get a choice, once you have the rings lined up for a particular, valid exit, you can’t change them.

When you get to the fork, you can choose whether to take the left or right path based on how you configure the rings. The right path is narrower, which makes chains harder to form, but is only a single level deep. I think going left is easier, but both routes are still very easy and there is no time pressure yet.

This is the solution to the pipeline puzzle:

Level 10 puzzle

Level 11: The swap power-up is unlocked here which is powered by yellow tiles. It lets you swap any two tiles on the board. You cannot swap stone blocks or frozen tiles. This can help you make chains in tight places or join shorter chains to make longer chains.

Level 12: This level introduces the sliding block puzzle. You have to slide the blocks around to make a path for the ooze to get through. Most of them are very simple, but some can be tricky, especially with the time constraint. There are two sliding block puzzles on this level. These diagrams show how to solve each puzzle.

Level 12 puzzle 1

Level 12 puzzle 2

They won’t always be that easy.

Sorceress: This is a hidden pictures puzzle:

Sorceress puzzle

Three pearls: On her shoulder, left of the eagle’s feet, in the arch over the castle’s door
Balloon: Left of the castle
Compass: Around the eagle’s neck
Dry Tree: Halfway up the path, below the castle
Eyepiece: Worn by the eagle
Flower: Bottom of her gown
Mirror: On the steps, left of the eagle
Origami Crane: In her lap near her hand
Ribbon: Hanging off the steps, left of the eagle.
Small Bird: Flying in the upper right

Level 13: There are three sliding block puzzles on this level:

Level 13 puzzle 1

Level 13 puzzle 2

Level 13 puzzle 3

Level 14: You see mines for the first time on this level. They explode when the ooze reaches them. Mines aren’t as powerful as the explosions at the end of the chain as they won’t destroy both ice and dirt at the same time.

There is one pipeline puzzle here:

Level 14 puzzle

Level 15: The last power-up is unlocked here: reshuffle which is powered by blue or purple tiles. This is useful when the board no longer has many chains left and you need a fresh start. It can also be helpful if you’re running out of time as a gamble to get you chains to clear the last little bit. Frozen tiles and rocks are not reshuffled.

Here are the solutions to the sliding block and pipeline puzzle on this level:

Level 15 puzzle 1

Level 15 puzzle 2

Level 16: You’re introduced to the map feature. This can help on some levels to figure out which way you need to go, either because there is a choice or because the area you’re in is so large. In this case, you want to steer the ooze down to avoid having to go through an extra area of the level.

There is an easy sliding block puzzle on this level:

Level 16 puzzle

Hummingbird: This is a jigsaw puzzle. The picture is divided into twelve squares and shuffled. The shuffle is random, but pairs are always swapped. Try to remember some key pieces of the original before it is scrambled. When a piece is in the right place, it gets locked in so it is pretty easy to solve by trial-and-error.


Start the fire puzzle by finding all of the pieces that are available at the start:

Fire puzzle

Cheese: In the flask on the left table; behind the bucket on the floor left of the table; on the 2nd shelf of the bookcase; behind the candlestick holder at the very right
Key: Around the lock on the left; on the thin piece of wall right of the banner
Books: Blending in with the tablecloth below the trapped fairy
Torch: In the bucket on the floor left of the table; at the base of the bookshelf on the left; just above the previous piece near the opening to the machine

At this point, you need 1 piece of cheese, 1 part of the key, 2 books, and 1 part of the lantern.

Click on the machine behind and to the left of the fairy. It will release a piece of cheese. Pick up that piece and put the cheese in the dish right in front of you. A mouse will eat the cheese and reveal a key piece. Pick up that piece and unlock the drawer on the left. Click on the book puzzle and move the strings to release the book. Find the open peg and move the peg that connects to the peg adjacent to the hole. Now move the next peg into the open hole and move in the peg that connects to the previous peg in the circle. Continue this process of moving the pegs so that the string forms a single ring around the outside.

Click on the banner above the locked drawer to reveal a book. Pick up this book and place all of the books on the bookshelf. You have to rearrange the books so that the symbols on the book match the symbol on the shelf where it is placed. The first spot is unlabeled, but goes with the circle.

When they are all matched, the bookshelf slides away and the last torch piece is on the middle shelf. Collect it and put the torch in the torch holder next to the shelves.

From now on, the levels tend to not introduce anything new. The time limit also starts to come into play with these levels (although you can turn it off without affecting any progress or achievements).

Level 17: There is a sliding block puzzle here:

Level 17 puzzle

Level 18: There are three pipeline puzzles here:

Level 18 puzzle 1

Level 18 puzzle 2

Level 18 puzzle 3

Level 19: There is an easy sliding block puzzle, but with a gotcha. It’s pretty easy to have the path through the blocks go through any of the four vertical columns in the middle, but once any path is made, you can’t adjust the bricks anymore. You want to check the tiles in the small area below the puzzle to make it lead to a place where it is easy to clear a path from the puzzle to the open space where the magical arrows are.

Level 19 puzzle

At the end of the level, clearing a path around the final goal to the bottom of the area will activate several sets of magic arrows that will clear all of the obstructions around the goal. This is easier than trying to break through it directly.

Salamander: This is a jigsaw puzzle. Unscramble to pieces to complete this page.

Level 21: There is a pipeline puzzle:

Level 21 puzzle

Level 22: You can choose between a sliding block puzzle and a pipeline puzzle. Generally pipeline puzzles are easier to solve, but take longer than the sliding block puzzle (if solved quickly).

Level 22 puzzle 1

Level 22 puzzle 2

Level 23: At the very start of the level is the blue beacon that unlocks a gate at the very end of the level. Unlock it now if you can, but once you open the path for the ooze past this area, it will go off the screen. You can work on opening it again at the end of the level.

Blacksmith: A hidden picture puzzle:

Blacksmith puzzle

A type of coat: The coat of arms on the shield above the fireplace
Drinking vessel: The mug on the floor to the right of the fireplace
Protection for hooves: The horseshoe hanging from the blacksmith’s neck
Something to hit on the head: The nail in the lower right of the scene

Level 25: The lock can be bypassed by going around it. Because of where the beacons are located, I’ve found it’s often easier to go around than to unlock the gate.

There is a sliding block puzzle here:

Level 25 puzzle

This should be your 20th puzzle (sliding blocks and pipelines both count) to unlock:

Puzzle out

Solve 20 puzzles

Puzzle out
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineCumulative +

At the end, make sure when you make the chain around the two beacons, you end below the beacon so that the explosion clears the frozen square. Otherwise, you’ll end up with stray dirt around the beacon and no easy way to clear them.

Level 26: There is a pipeline puzzle here:

Level 26 puzzle

Level 27: There is a sliding block puzzle here:

Level 27 puzzle

Level 28: There is a pipeline puzzle here:

Level 28 puzzle 1

Followed by a sliding block puzzle here:

Level 28 puzzle 2

Ifrit: A spot the differences puzzle. The differences are:

Ifrit puzzle

• The pendant around the Ifrit’s neck
• The rightmost gem in the Ifrit’s hat
• The beak on the right bird head
• The arches below the Ifrit.

Level 29: At the very start try to match one of the blocks at the bottom of the screen to let the ooze flow to the arrows. You have to do this while the screen is in motion as they will move off screen. If you can do this, it makes the very end of the level much easier (as the arrows will destroy the multiple layers of dirt and ice around the goal).

There is a pipeline puzzle here:

Level 29 puzzle

Level 30: There is a sliding block puzzle here:

Level 30 puzzle 1

Followed by a pipeline puzzle:

Level 30 puzzle 2

Near the end of the level, you have the choice between left and right. The branches are the same length. The left branch contains a few frozen blocks while the right branch contains a few boulders. Both paths are the same length and mostly clear of obstructions so it doesn’t really matter which way you go.

Level 31: There is a sliding block puzzle here:

Level 31 puzzle

Level 32: This level starts with a pipeline puzzle:

Level 32 puzzle

This level is a monster-sized level. Use your map to figure out the right path through. You generally want to be heading left and down the entire time. In the wide-open spaces, the game tries to guess where it should put the viewpoint and it doesn’t always get it exactly where I’d want it to be, but there’s no way to adjust it so be flexible about which way to work towards.

Dragon: A hidden pictures puzzle. The items are:

Dragon puzzle

3 Emeralds: Ring in the far upper left; at the tip of the upper wing; on the claw above his head
Arrow: At the very bottom right
Axe: Struck into the shield on the right
Chain: Tied to the rocks in the upper right
Fern: On the dragon’s wing just above his head
Flask: On the dragon’s wing just above his head
Key: On the ground on the bottom left
Lute: On the right, above the dragon’s head
Sword: Below the banner on the left
Tassel: Hanging from the banner on the left


Start the Earth puzzle by finding the loose items. (You might remember this scene as being down the well from the Air puzzle.)

Earth puzzle

Mirror: Upper right, just to the left of the indentation; hanging from the ceiling just right of the pillar with the blue gem; left of the pit in the middle of the room; on the ground just right of the chest; very lower left on the rocks
Keys: Hanging from a chain in the middle of the level; held by the Earth Fairy in the lower right; two are on the ground just left of the Earth Fairy
Crystals: Below the Fire Fairy; on the ceiling in the middle of the level; left of the Earth Fairy

At this point you only need 2 crystal pieces and all of the magic dust pieces.

Now, pull the level to reveal another crystal. Use the keys to unlock the chest: The green key goes in the green lock; the red key goes in the red lock; the ‘R’ key goes in the left lock and the last key goes in the last lock.

Put the crystals in the hole below the blue gem. Put the mirror in the indentation at the upper right. You have to assemble the mirror now. The easy way to do this is pick up a piece and slide it around the mirror until it flips over. All of the pieces hang ‘down’ until they are near where they belong. Each piece “clicks” into place when it’s in the right spot. There is some dust at the bottom of the mirror that you have to clear as well.

The light will shine on the mirror, through the blue gem and turn the crystal to powder. The other pieces of the bag now appear.

Earth puzzle part 2

Collect them: in the chains below the chest; above the chalice right of the chest; around the rock on the ground between the chalice and the gear; in front of the crystals in the lower left. Use the dust on the Earth Fairy.

Level 33: There is a sliding block puzzle here:

Level 33 puzzle 1

At the top of the level, you have to pick left or right. To the left, there is a locked gate while to the right is a pipeline puzzle:

Level 33 puzzle 2

More interestingly, at the very start of the level are two magic arrows in the lower corners that eliminate some blocks just before the goal. Going the same direction as an arrow you activated helps a little. (You can still activate those arrows at the end of the level if you went the “wrong” way or didn’t activate either arrow.)

There is a rotating pipeline at the bottom. Be sure you set it the wrong way – you can set it to the side that you’re ooze is not on and lock yourself out. You’d have to melt and dig the ice block to finish the level if you do that.

Level 36: There is a sliding block puzzle here:

Level 36 puzzle 1

Followed by a pipeline puzzle:

Level 36 puzzle 2

Deer: This is another jigsaw puzzle. Unscramble to pieces to complete this page.

Level 37: You start out surrounded by stone. You either have to create a long enough chain to break those rocks or match enough red or green tiles to be able to use the spade or fire power up. There is a pipeline puzzle here:

Level 37 puzzle

Level 38: When you get to the fork in the middle, the left fork is much shorter than the right fork. Near the end of the level is a sign suggesting that magical fire would be helpful. While true, the next area is much harder to clear and could benefit from the fire more and you probably won’t have a chance to recharge your fire power-up before then. Try to get through the thin wall of stone and ice without using the fire power-up there.

Level 39: Near the end there is a ring path. Be sure not to join the two inputs or you’ll have to go through the narrow path around the ring instead.

Level 40: There is a sliding block puzzle here:

Level 40 puzzle

Druid: This is a hidden pictures puzzle. The items are:

Druid puzzle

Armored Seeds: Pine cone in the lower right
House for Squirrels: Hole in tree in the upper left
Musical Instrument: Horn in the druid’s belt
Poison Parasol: Mushroom at the base of the tree on the left

Level 41: There is an area with a locked gate and its portals surrounded by ice. Just clear a path to the magic arrow in the middle (make a chain of 6 tiles ending just below the arrow to burst the rocks around it and then a chain of 3 tiles to clear an opening). The arrows will clear paths to the portals and the gate.

The left and right forks after this lead to the same place. These are followed by a sliding block puzzle:

Level 41 puzzle

Save the fire power-up for the end to clear the frozen stones just before the level’s finish.

Level 43: There is a pipeline puzzle here:

Level 43 puzzle

Level 44: The main path goes around the outside of the central square, but to make progress you have to activate all of the arrows in the central area. Activating the magic arrows at the very center of the level (always surrounded by frozen tiles of the same color) helps a lot.

Faun: This is a hidden pictures puzzle. Here are the items:

Faun puzzle

Three ambers: On the step in the lower left; on the faun’s foot; in the grapes above the faun’s head
Banana: In the fruit basket left of the faun
Beetle: On the leaf above the fruit basket
Bell: On the grass right of the dog
Bottle: Left of the fruit basket (standing on the stone ground)
Chess piece: Bishop on the ledge right of the faun
Hourglass: Left of the dog on the edge of the blanket
Sundial: Right of the faun on the beach
Vase: Behind the fruit basket

Level 45: Going around the locked gate is often a quicker alternative to breaking through the frozen blocks around both portals. There is a sliding block puzzle here:

Level 45 puzzle

Level 46: Unlocking the gate isn’t required but doing so will clear all of the dirt and ice around the goal completing the level.

Level 47: There is a sliding block puzzle here:

Level 47 puzzle 1

Followed by two pipeline puzzles:

Level 47 puzzle 2
Level 47 puzzle 3

Level 48: You can choose to either dig your way to the magic arrow or to the portals to unlock the gate, or deal with the single frozen or rock square on the left and right edge. All four exits lead to the same place.

There is a pipeline puzzle here:

Level 48 puzzle

Near the end, there is one area with stones above a row of frozen tiles. This is much easier to cross if you don’t break the ice as the stones won’t be released to interfere with your matching.

Ent: A spot the differences puzzle. The differences are:

Ent puzzle

• Extra branch in the hand at the bottom left
• Extra leaf in the bunch to the right of the nest
• Butterfly on the end of the branch on the left
• Extra bunch of acorns above the Ent’s left eye.


Start the Water puzzle by finding the loose items:

Water puzzle

Lever: Very lower right; on the right end of the fence left of the bridge; in the tree in the upper left
Shears: Left of the pedestal; left of the stream bed; right of the bridge on the path;
Pick: In the dry stream bed at the bottom; under the arch of the bridge; on the fence in front of the path on the right; above the blue mechanism on the right
Wand: In the rocks over the left end of the fence on the right

You should have the pick finished and need one piece for the lever and shears and two pieces for the wand.

Use the pick on the rocks below the bridge to reveal a piece of the shears. Use the shears to cut away the vines from the altar to reveal a piece of the lever. Use the lever on the mechanism on the right (with the large blue gem). This opens a puzzle.

Click on the branch to clear it out of the gears. Slide all of the pins in, rotate the piece on the outside of the pins all the way counterclockwise and then slide the pins back out. Push the red button. This allows the river to flow again. There is a piece of the wand in the river at the bottom of the screen and another in the blooming flower on the altar.

Give the completed wand to the Air fairy.

Level 49: You want to take the down fork as it skips one area present in the upper fork. There is a sliding block puzzle here:

Level 49 puzzle

Level 50: There is a pipeline puzzle here:

Level 50 puzzle

Level 51: There is a sliding block puzzle here:

Level 51 puzzle

Level 52: Just before the pipeline puzzle, you need to break out through the right wall. The left path is a dead end. This is the solution to the pipeline puzzle:

Level 52 puzzle

Turtle: This is another jigsaw puzzle. Unscramble to pieces to complete this page.

Level 53: There is a sliding block puzzle here:

Level 53 puzzle

You can go around this puzzle by breaking the dirt up from the starting area, but that leads to a large area, two deep in dirt, with stones that drop down into the area.

Level 54: There is a sliding block puzzle here:

Level 54 puzzle 1

Followed by a pipeline puzzle:

Level 54 puzzle 2

At the very end don’t break all of the frozen tiles leading to the goal at the same time – if you do, you’ll be stuck. Instead, break them in two groups of 4 tiles or less to remove the ice. Then clear the entire chain at once to remove the dirt.

Level 55: There is a pipeline puzzle here:

Level 55 puzzle

Captain: This is a hidden pictures puzzle. The hidden items are:

Captain puzzle

Three coins: On the captain’s right sleeve; in the rope on the dock post on the right (below the helmet); in the crack of the crate below the captain’s foot
Anchor: On the tavern sign
Boathook: Along the very right edge of the scene (very hard to see)
Cannon: Between the captain’s legs
Helmet: On top of the dock post left of the captain
Knife: In the rope of the basket at the lower left
Lamp: On the basket to the right of the captain
Pencil: In the captain’s ear
Spyglass: On the crate below the captain’s foot
Wheel: Left of the dock posts

Level 58: There is a pipeline puzzle here:

Level 58 puzzle

Level 59: At the start of the level is a portal that unlocks the gate at the very end of the level. Unlock it if you can. As you proceed around the perimeter of the level, there are many opportunities to activate arrows or mines that make the inner part of the level much easier. Note that you only have to do this on one side since when you get to the end of the perimeter, you get to choose whether to go left or right.

Level 60: Near the end is a row of rocks above a steel wall with a single frozen tile leading to arrow. Don’t bother trying to break through that opening since when you get to the left end of that area, a magic arrow will destroy the steel wall anyway. After this is a pipeline puzzle:

Level 60 puzzle

Try to save a spade power up for the end of the level where you can use it to access the magic arrows to the left of the goal to clear away most of the dirt surrounding the goal.

Mermaid: This is a hidden pictures puzzle. The hidden items are:

Mermaid puzzle

Iron Watchman: Padlock just left of the lobster below the mermaid.
Marine Steed: Seahorse right of the harp
Royal Cap: Crown at the base of the harp
Undersea Jewels: String of pearls around the mermaid’s neck

Level 61: Early on there is a row of frozen tiles with some stones above them. When you enter this area, a magic arrow is activated that eventually leads to an arrow that destroys the ice. Try to make as much progress across this area before the ice is destroyed as the stone will interfere with your progress.

There is a second area just like the first right after this. This is followed by a sliding block puzzle:

Level 61 puzzle

Level 62: There is a pipeline puzzle here:

Level 62 puzzle

Level 63: The start of the level is tricky. As you are working your way down the middle, near the bottom is a small area that the ooze flows through with magic arrows to the side. You don’t have to break any dirt to let the ooze by, but you’ll want to break through the sides to activate the arrows. This will activate other arrows which will destroy the rows of frozen blocks. At the very bottom of the middle is a long row of dirt which is always filled with the same color tile. The magic arrows will destroy most, but not all, of the dirt but will replace the tiles with random tiles so you need to match that column of tiles before the magic arrows destroy it.

When you get to the bottom, you need to keep the ooze flowing on both sides. However, if you get too far ahead on one side, the screen will scroll up and you’ll lose access to the tiles required to unblock the ooze on the other side. This might require saving a match on one side that will clear the area and using it right after you have unlocked the other side.

Level 64: This final level is really long. Keep referring to the map to see which direction you’re supposed to advance: left across the tail, down and around the root, left around the bottom edge of the ball and then up through the middle of the ball, right and then down into the hand, then up and right into the body; up to the head and down and left towards the goal.

In the tail section, the dirt is already dug in long, vertical columns and will zigzag its way across. However, this takes a long time so you’ll want to break as many of the vertical columns as you can to speed the progress of the ooze.

When you enter the bottom of the ball and reach the wall of ice, look to the right and break the dirt to the magic arrow. That will tunnel all the way through the ice.

When you reach the hand, again there is a path for the ooze around the outside edge of the hand, but you’ll want to try and save time by breaking across the wrist.

There is a sliding block puzzle here:

Level 64 puzzle

Neptune: This is a spot the differences puzzle. The differences are:

Neptune puzzle

• Design on the wristband on the left hand
• Extra wisp of hair at the bottom
• Tree in front of the waterfall on the island
• Boat in the water at the base of the waterfall

Finishing this will finish the main story and unlock:

Eternal Glory

Complete all the levels and restore the Book of the Elements

Eternal Glory
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

If you didn’t use any hints, you also unlock.

Eagle Eye

Restore all the cards without using a single hint

Eagle Eye
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

You have likely unlocked these cumulative achievements along the way:

Champion Digger

Use the Spade 50 times

Champion Digger
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Ball of Fire

Use Magic Fire 40 times

Ball of Fire
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Ice Breaker

Break 1500 blocks of ice

Ice Breaker
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Pick It Up

Break 300 stones

Pick It Up
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Now start a new game. You have to play through the entire game again. The only difference now is that you have all four power ups from the start, but that’s the only difference. If you missed out the achievements for solving a level with only short or long chains, you should do that now as the first few Pegasus levels are the only reasonable spot to do it in.

During this replay is a good time to focus on two other achievements that require you to make a chain of 20 chips. The best way to do this is to find a level with a large open area, especially one where there are large chains handed to you and build a chain of 20. It’s best to turn off the timer (turn on Relaxation mode in the Settings charm) and use the swap power-up to connect long chains. Levels 32, 53 and 64 seem particularly suited for this. When you have a chain of 20 chips or more, you’ll unlock:

Strive for More

Make a chain of 15 or more chips

Strive for More
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Glorious Journey

Make a chain of 20 or more chips

Glorious Journey
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When you finish your second game, you’ll unlock:

Once Again

Play the game from the very beginning once again

Once Again
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

And your cumulative progress has likely unlocked:

Digging Master

Use the Spade 150 times

Digging Master
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Global Warming

Break 5000 blocks of ice

Global Warming
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Child of Flame

Use Magic Fire 140 times

Child of Flame
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Lord of Mountain Gnomes

Break 2000 stones

Lord of Mountain Gnomes
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If you haven’t yet, you will probably unlock them during the last section.

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