50 Cent: Blood on the Sand Reviews

  • RitzOmegaRitzOmega729,222
    09 Dec 2009
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    When a mega-star such as 50 Cent explores a different avenue, it tends to be something related to his career or lifestyle. With this new venture, 50 Cent creates a satisfying, yet short, game that keeps up to two players engrossed from start to finish, with bullets, explosions, and over the top violence that only serves to entertain.

    The premise of the story is outlandish, but simple enough to be followed. After a gig in some war-torn eastern country, 50 Cent demands payment from the promoter, who is unable to come up with the money that was promised the rap star. Instead, he hands over a skull that has been covered in diamonds, indicating that the object is “priceless”. 50 accepts, and then is ambushed while traversing the road, which leads to his new prized possession becoming stolen. Getting the skull back is the main focus of the entire game, as you’ll be hunting it down across nine missions. The various cut scenes only provide enough to progress the story along, and allow the players to connect how each level begins and ends.

    The gameplay is straightforward: kill people who are shooting at you. However, there is a scoring system that will let you rack up multipliers for multiple kills, type of kill, use of environment, and whether or not you decide to sling verbal insults at your newly defeated foes. It functions as a basic third person shooter, with you (as 50 Cent) and a partner (one of the three members of G-Unit) going through level by level. Cooperation is necessary at times: there are a few jumps that require one of the players to boost the other upward, as well as garage doors that can only be opened with the strength of both players. In addition to the standard ‘plug bad guy with bullets’ gameplay, there is also something called ‘counter-kills’, which function as the game’s form of melee combat. It only requires hitting one button at the right time, and will make the character do anything from tae-kwon-do style moves, to inserting a knife multiple times into the victim’s stomach. It is tough to get close enough to an enemy sometimes, but it looks extremely cool, and satisfying.

    Throughout the entire game, there are random ‘scenarios’ that usually involve tasking the player with killing a certain amount of enemies in a certain time. These enemies are highlighted in red, which aids in the targeting and ease. All throughout the on-foot levels, are payphones scattered and allow for the player to phone an arms dealer, which will allow them to purchase better weapons, counter-kills, and taunts. The last aspect of the game is what is called “gangster fire”, which is the game’s bullet-time mechanic. It has it’s uses, and allows a player to chain up combo-kills, as well as shoot down rocket/grenade fire, or provide that necessary split second that is needed to quickly clip an enemy when they pop out from behind cover. It is restored through acquiring points, but runs out so quickly, that players will save it for those necessary moments when things are desperate.

    A few things seem stolen from other games, such as the cover system and weapon selection from Gears of War, but are significantly different enough and tailored for the gameplay. The cover system has a few flaws, as half of the time popping out from cover is more of a hindrance than benefit. On one particular level, I noticed that I was being shot through the cover, and died within moments.

    There are two levels that involve driving a military Hummer across open road (or dirt terrain), and are enjoyable from start to finish. The second player (or computer AI) serves as the gunner for these missions, and will have a difficult time running out of targets to shoot. The one mission that is entirely different from the others is the gunning mission, in which both players are gunners of some troop-transport helicopter, and are tasked with destroying everything that lights up red in their crosshairs. While this particular level is short, it’s extremely enjoyable, and serves a plate of action directly to you.

    The graphics are good, and while each level looks like a war-torn landscape, it gives the feel of being in some middle-eastern country. Characters are highly detailed, with practically no slowdown despite the constant barrage of gunfire and explosions.

    However, where Blood on the Sand really shines, is the audio. The entire cast, including 50 Cent, G-Unit, and even standard enemies, all have perfected how voice-acting should be done. Not a single word seems out of place, and the commentary between 50 Cent and his co-op partner are direct, and realistic. Guns fire loudly and explosions sound like explosions. What really stands out, is the musical score. A customizable playlist that plays a bevy of 50 Cent songs, including ‘In Da Club’ and ‘Piggy Bank’, provide a soundtrack that sets the mood and tone of the entire game, and urge you to press onward. This playlist grows as the game progression happens, with the ability to change out songs on the fly in the pause menu. Sixteen songs were custom made for this game, and each of them are well-placed in the setting of the game.

    There are some flaws that prevent this game from achieving something greater than it is. The cover system that was mentioned earlier seems to have little effect on stopping injury, especially on the greater difficulty levels. It’s easier to stand behind a pillar without the cover system, and not get shot. The fourth mission seems convoluted, which seems entirely out of place based on the plot’s premise of getting a jewel-encrusted skull back. The final mission is a bit of a letdown, merely because of the lack of resistance that is offered throughout it. The biggest gripe that I found was that if during co-op play with another player, if one of the two gets injured enough, the other can revive them, but this feature is missing altogether in single player. The A.I. could have easily been coded to come over and revive 50 Cent should he be shot up enough. The game itself is short, and can be completed in four hours maximum on the normal difficulty. The harder difficulty tacks on a bit more time hiding behind walls, and the occasional restart from being flushed out with grenades, but otherwise it’s still the same game.

    If you’re a fan of 50 Cent, action games, or general mayhem without a need for a complex story, this game is worth your time. The worst aspect about this is the length of the game. The best is that the game is enjoyable from start to finish, even if it is a bit too easy to complete. It’s worth renting, but a full-fledged purchase would have to have at least double the amount of levels that are in this game. Unless of course, you are a die-hard fan of 50 Cent. Which this game could make you. laugh
  • xaeroxaero1,182,338
    15 May 2011 14 Dec 2014
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    One of my favorite things to do is to buy unpopular or bad games for dirt cheap for two reasons. One, because sometimes playing the game actually proves me wrong and I end up liking it, and two, I could make fun of the developers for sucking at making games!!!11!!!!!!

    So here we have 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand.

    Yes, Mr. Cent. Now, it's easy to pass this game up because it's endorsed by a not-so-decent sellout of a rapper and because the first game was an absolute disaster trying to pass itself off as a video game. Considering that every single song in the game is a 50 Cent track would make you believe that you almost have to be a fan of this douche to pick this one up.


    Aside from the self advertising that 50 Cent is absolutely obviously guilty of, this is actually a pretty decent straight-up shooter. Almost all the mechanics are borrowed from Gears of War and Army of Two, but the scoring system leaves the game with that sweet arcade taste. This game is full of straight up killing enemies with random vehicle sequences thrown in. Really, if you're into mindless frantic action, this game definitely delivers.

    One thing that I like about this game is that it does not take itself seriously. 50 Cent apparently has a huge fanbase in the Middle East and closed the tour in some fictional city there. The concert ends, and he tries to be all thug and beat the crap out of some guy for protection money (which is completely hilarious considering that he's getting his ass kicked by someone who endorses Glaceau vitamin water). So this wimp of a middle east guy or whatever gives him this diamond encrusted skull as payment. Fiddy later gets this skull stolen and pretty much starts a war just to get his toy back. Bitter bitter Curtis Jackson. Obviously didn't get spanked enough as a child.

    Visually, the game looks decent. 50 Cent looks, well, like 50 Cent. However, I didn't pay close enough attention to see if his the nine bullet wounds on his chest were perfectly rendered. Everything else, however, just looks orange and bland. The enemy models are your generic Middle Eastern bad guys that you've probably seen in 600 other shooters.

    But, If you're looking for a surprise, try 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand out. You'll be surprised at how much fun you can have with it. Worth a rental, or hell, just buy it since it's probably dirt cheap.
  • SnrmSnrm365,404
    09 Jul 2010
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    50 cent BOTS is a game much like Army of two but different in many ways. Don't expect to be much of a gangster in this game , cause as far as i know gangsters don't use choppers and explode things in Army warfare.

    Graphics: 7/10
    They were O.K graphics, they were bearable. The Devs really captured what 50 cent looks like. He is wearing a bandana with a hat on top. Whenever i think of 50 cent i think of him looking like that.

    Gameplay: 9/10
    If you like Army Of Two you will probably like 50 cent BOTS. It shares a similar concept. They are both great Co-op games. You earn money as you kill and bash crates to buy guns, counter kills, and taunts with. The game features side "Scenarios" for example" Kill 3 heavy weapon soldiers in 40 seconds" The scenarios make the game a bit more fun.

    Co-Op 9/10
    This game is one of the best games for CO-OP. I would give it a 10/10 for co-op if there was local co-op. Surprisingly many people play this game online co-op so you can still play it with others. The host is always 50-cent and whoever joins can pick from 3 different members from G-unit

    Difficulty 3/10
    Easily one of the easiest "hard" difficulty games i have played. you should have no problem beating it on hard.

    Replay Value: 2/10
    This game is just a quick rent, If you are a achievement hunter or not there isn't much to do after getting all gold badges on all the chapters. I basically turned my system right off once the OG achievement popped. Theres not much to do after getting 1000/1000 in it, because getting 1000/1000 is doing everything the game has to offer

    Achievements: 10/10
    Extremely easy. Just use the guides True achievements have and you should be good. Some problems could be are finding someone to do the "Complete missions as a member of G-Unit" Achievements. Beating the game on hard is easy to do after one "easy" playthrough, after a easy playthrough buy all the best guns and play on hard. While playing on hard tear down all posters and shoot all targets to get maximum points for the OG achievement. Overall a very easy 1000/1000 and you will have fun doing it.
  • dudecrazy108dudecrazy108334,381
    13 Jul 2009
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    Story: Someone stole something from 50 and G-Unit and now they are going to another country to retrieve it and extract revenge on those who betrayed them. Its a 50 Cent game, what do you expect.

    Sound: Liking 50 Cents music does help. The music does make the game good as for some reason it just makes the game feel good. You can turn it off though if you want. Also the taunts and quotes that he says are funny and valgur.

    Graphics: Pretty good graphics. Not the 360's best but pretty decent.

    Controls: Are just like Gears. Quite simple and easy to get use to.

    Gameplay: Plays like a Gears Of War meets The Club. The game runs on a combo system for points and everything. The game also gives you the ablility to buy new guns, weapons, taunts, and finshers which are good. Can get repetitive but online coop is fun but if your partner quits then you have to restart from your last checkpoint.

    Achievements: Easy list mixed with some time taking ones. Beating the missions in single player and coop is easy along with beating it on the different difficultys. With a guide shooting all the extras shouldnt be hard. Buying all the different things along with having 1,000,000 dollors could take awhile but with some effort you can have 1000.

    Long rent/Cheap buy


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  • Bec9209booBec9209boo41,794
    12 Jul 2011
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    This is a short and cheap game and guaranteed easy 1000g. I would recommend getting a friend to get the game as most people on TA now seem to have completed it therefore you may struggle to find a co-op partner. You could easily just join a game but the chances that the randomer will want the achievements will depend upon your luck as some just seem to wish to mess around on the game.

    The gameplay is straightforward as you just have to kill the bad guys in order to complete the mission. Multiple kills and skill moves will improve your chances of getting the score achievements but you will have to attempt to this on 'Hard difficulty' which is actually pretty easy. In order to get the whole 1000g i had to go through the campaign three times; once for the 50 cent achievements, once as the co-op partner to get the co-op achievements and once to gain the score achievements, me and my friend had to get the multiple kills and the posters and shoot all of the targets on this run through.

    This game took me about 15-20 hours to complete, which is worth the easy 1000g. I would recommend this game to people who want to play an easy shooter game. Even if you dont like 50 Cent or shooting games, you should still be able to obtain this easy 1000g.
    19 Jan 2012
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    When I picked up 50 Cent: BITS on Black Friday I was honestly not looking foreward to the game but for $8 I figured it was worth a gamble, did it exceed my expectations or was it a wasted $8.

    The game is a two player co-op game, when you play solo you get to choose from three members of G-Unit to accompany you along your journey. The commentary is the same half dozen lines over and over. If your a fan of rap music there is plenty of tracks for your listening pleasure. If your like me and do not perfer rap music the mute button works wonders.

    The online co-op functionality is glitchy and somewhat flawed. I have joined at least a dozen different games and twice it was glitched, once I was stuck in a wall and couldnt move and the other it looked like when people would do the wall glitch on Gears 2. Both times I backed out and rejoined and everything was normal. The community is still going, I never had a problem finding a game. I usually found anywhere from 3-10 games going at a time. One major problem with the co-op comes if someone joins your game, if they choose to leave you are sent to the last checkpoint, its not a gamebreaker but it could get frustrating when it happens several times.

    The gameplay is an arcade style third person shooter. You get points for killing enemies, kill streak, type of enemies, finding collectables and blowing up stuff. You get medals based off the points earned, which help you earn achievements assuming you get silver or gold. There were times I had issues with the cover system but it may had been an operator error. They used the same style as Gears but there were some times I wanted to roll out of the way and I would end up hugging a wall, which generally ended with me dying.

    As for the achievements as a whole they are rather easy. The list has you do everything the game has to offer, which is play every level on single player and co-op. There are also achievements for saving money and to unlock all weapons. The only hard achievments are to get gold medals on each level. For the full 1000 your looking at 8-12 hours.

    At the end of the day all your getting for your money is the campaign with online co-op. The game is an enjoyable experience, I found that it wasnt to short but it wasnt dragging on. I would reccomend it to people that enjoy playing a games campaign but if your looking for some versus than your better of looking elseware.
  • donjokajonesdonjokajones2,400
    05 Aug 2009
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    50 cent blood on the sand is NOT a bad game despite what you may think.
    we all know bulletproof wasnt the best game by far but BotS makes up for bulletproofs crappyness.The story is 50 cent and G-unit are doing a show in iraq (they don't have running water but they have 50 cent playing a concert?)laugh
    After the show fifty wants his money but the guy instead gives him a jewel encrusted skull instead (ok?) then they are driveing and some terriosts attack the car then steal fiftys skull. From there 50 goes on a violent rampage killing everybody he sees just to get his skull back. the game itself is a mixture of gears,army of two,and the club. the game uses an arcade style point system in which for example you kill 3 enemys in a row you get more points.the sound is 3 things 50 cent's music,explosion/gunfire,and 50 cent himself screaming swear words.overall the game is good. not great but good. recommended rent not buy