50 Years Reviews

  • MoG Alucard212MoG Alucard212786,797
    07 Jun 2021 07 Jun 2021
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    Dear TA-Community,

    I just wanted to share my opinion about this game with you.
    Nothing professional, just an honest review.

    I really enjoyed "50 Years". I think it is one of the best games by Xitilon so far.
    It is easy to unterstand and the controls are very easy to "learn". The turn-based strategic gameplay is very fun and the graphics are reminding me of my childhood.
    The difficulty is also well balanced so that everyone is able to play and enjoy the game. You have tons of possibilities what to do. You are free in what to do, what to build and how to fight and progress.
    The goal is to progress/fight through 50 turns (years), if successful you win the game.

    Summary for all the achievement hunters out there:
    - Fast and easy completion
    - Price is fair
    - 3.000 GS in no time (at the time of writing)

    Summary for all the others out there:
    - Pretty simple and fun game
    - Price is fair
    - Easy to understand
    - Lots of choices and possibilities
  • GR34TD3STR0Y3RGR34TD3STR0Y3R892,234
    27 May 2021
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    2-min review:

    There are many cheap, fast, and easy completions out there, this is actually one of my favorite. It is also easily my favorite 3000g game.

    This game is a super-lite turn based strategy games. You have 50 turns to win the game. If this was a mobile game from 10 years ago, it probably would have been well reviewed and popular. On PC/Xbox in 2021, it's way too simple to really hold much merit, but it's not a terrible game, just simple. Some people may actually enjoy trying to finish it without looking at a guide. I played through the 50 years campaign half a dozen times or more, and I enjoyed it for the most part, but once you understand how to maximize two main mechanics, money and faith, the game is easy to steamroll.

    For most people, if you are looking for the easy, fast completion, follow a turn by turn guide (found on the console edition of this game) and the completion is no problem. But you might actually enjoy playing this game a little bit without a guide and just enjoying it. It's enjoyment will wear thin quickly, as its such a simple game, but its nice to play an easy completion that actually has some redeeming qualities to it.

    Easy gamerscore rating: 5/5 (minus a measly 0.25 points because if you mess up one of the first 5 or 10 days, you will lose soon and have to start over adding 5 minutes or so to each restart)
  • RodimusPrime13RodimusPrime13271,347
    10 Jul 2021
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    I originally picked up the game for the achievement score and found that despite it simple nature it is kind of fun to play, and also get the crown for easily achievement score ever. Too many easy achievement score games are so boring they are not even worth playing even if are free, 50 years is a easy fun little game. The original game has 1000 achievement score and they only challenging achievement in the base game is to complete year 50 to achieve victory. For the first dlc you need to select the second faith for each devotion, the second dlc the third devotion and the recent third dlc needs you to select the fourth devotion for each faith. To get the third or fourth devotion you will often need to focus on getting over other ones. Each game should allow you to get up to the fourth devotion in 1 perhaps 2 faiths.