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    20 Jun 2020
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    This is my first review so I apologize if I miss something.

    60 Seconds is a pretty relaxing survival sim were you do A Lot of reading and have to make decisions that could cost you valuable items or a family member. I'll review the game and quickly discuss the Achievements.
    (Pros and Cons are at the bottom if you only want that).

    Gameplay: There are 3 game modes and 3 difficulties but I'm going to be describing the main game mode "Apocalypse" as the other modes are certain sections from it.

    You will start in a 3D Ted and Dolores' house, with either 30 seconds, 15 seconds or 0 seconds (depending on your difficulty) before the alarm goes. Once you hear that alarm you have 60 Seconds to grab your family members, items, food and water before the bomb drops. Fail to do so and your dead before the game even begins!

    If you manage to make it into the shelter with your family you have to survive an onslaught of difficult decisions and "uninvited guests".... These include (but aren't limited to):
    Raiders, a Mad Scientist, Pancake the Dog, Sharkov the Soviet Cat, Monster in the "basement", The Merryman, The "Twins", Angry Old Ladies, Pyro Firefighters, "Mutant" Mary Jane, Mutants, the "Old Law", a gambler, a.... "horse" with a companion and many more.

    There are 4 modes to 60 seconds:
    Atomic Drill (Tutorial), Apocalypse (Base Game), Scavenge (Only the collecting portion), Survival (Reading/Decision making/90% of the game)

    Atomic Drill: This will carry you through the basics of the game and introduce you to it. This wasn't in the "base game" (PC version), but was later added and added in the Xbox version. It's a VERY welcome addition!

    Apocalypse: This is the "base game" and the main experience. You start off in the house and scavenge for supplies, then you are locked in the shelter for the rest of the game. From here you send out 1 family member to scavenge, decide when to give food/water, and choose what to do/use to help with certain situations.

    Scavenge: You start in the house and must grab as much as you can! Once the timer reaches 0 the game will automatically complete the "Survival" portion of the game, and tell you if you survived with the items you gathered or not.

    Survival: The game will automatically give you items based on the difficulty, and you will only play the "Survival" portion of the game. Completely skipping the "Scavenge" section. If you want quick achievements or want to just play with loads of supplies this is the game mode for you.

    60 Seconds is a completed casual game. It gives you everything up front for a pretty cheat entry cost. If you are going into this game wanting to get every achievement the game will be great! You will experience every ending, get all allies, do challenges, and a lot more! If you don't want to experience any of the endings or go out of your way for them the game might feel samey pretty quick. If you enjoy games with lots to read, games with decisions that can effect the rest of the game, and simplistic but detailed 2D graphics. This is the game for you! One final thing to add. If you are going for every achievement the game will feel a lot more fulfilling as you have to experience every ending in the game and have to do specific challenges. If you don't do these at all the game won't be as fulfilling.

    1. Decisions have consequences that can effect your playthrough or affect the late game.
    2. Difficulties effect "uninvited guests", health issues, insanity, and how often raiders appear and attack. Making the game feel a little different every time.
    3. Reading all the notes gives you insight to what is happening, how the family is doing, and what each family member needs.
    4. Achievements feel warranted since you have to beat "challenges", and experience every ending.

    1. Gameplay becomes VERY repetitive after a while (Give soup and water every 5 days... choose item.... say yes or no... repeat).
    2. Scenarios, although different, feel... Samey with the same options appearing multiple times making a lot of items ether worthless or just not worth it.
    3. Certain game modes feel pointless after playing for a while. You will rarely/never play Scavenge".
    4. Tsar Bomba/Hard difficulty at times can feel unfair at times. I'm talking about the game hitting you with something, you solve it/fix it, and the negative outcome happens anyway.
    5. Achievements Aren't specific AT ALL! You need to ether know exactly what to do, or search online for a long period of time (I've filled all the difficulty/non specific achievements for you. Your good to go!)
    6. If you don't want to experience the game or do any "Challenges" (yes/No to everything)" the game will feel bland pretty quick.
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