1. 8 To Glory - The Official Game of the PBR Walkthrough overview

Welcome everyone to the 8 To Glory - The Official Game of the PBR walkthrough, a game which will have you battling to stay on a rampaging bull for a glorious 8 seconds as you work towards unlocking all 27 of the games achievements.

I estimate it takes around 4 hours to complete with the first hour and a half spent finishing the campaign, 30 minutes grinding coins to unlock rider cards and the final hour or two for doing Arcade mode. If it wasn’t possible to progress by purposefully failing stages in Career and getting a huge lump of coins for every time the final stage is played then the completion time would be a lot higher.

Overall it’s a real easy and straightforward completion that shouldn’t cause anybody any real trouble. There are two achievements which require you to score a 90 or higher which could cause difficulty, but I expect most will persevere in order to get the full 1000G.

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