2. 8-Bit Adventure Anthology: Volume I General hints and tipsUpdate notes

There isn't a whole lot in the way for hints and tips I can give you. One thing that I will say here is that in Shadowgate there is a bit of a ticking clock in the way of torches. We will be picking up many torches along the way and if your lit torch goes out you die. Luckily, you will notice that the music changes when the torch is about to go out. When this happens you want to use the "use" command on the torches in your inventory. Every time I play this game it seems they deplete at different rates so it's impossible to say when you're going to need to use one so just play with the sound on and you should be fine.

Another bit of advice I can give is about moving through different rooms. If you can see a door or passageway on the screen you can always press cn_B, then with no command selected, you can just tap cn_A to both open doors and go through them. This saves a bunch of time instead of having to scroll to open, then to the door, then scroll to move, then back to the door. There will be times when you can't do this though like when moving backwards or into a room where you can't see the entrance. There will be times when I tell you to move to a square and then it's probably best or even necessary to click on the square icons below the move command. Sometimes that door will be closed and then you want to use the "open" command on the square below the move command first.

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I think that's it in the way of hints and tips so let's get to the walkthrough.

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