3. 8-Bit Adventure Anthology: Volume I ShadowgateUpdate notes

First you want to start off by clicking the use command, then click on the burning torch near the top of the inventory, then click on self (self is a square on the right of the command section). Do this 3 times to unlock-

Select continue. Now use the open command on the door and the skull above the door. Take the revealed key. Now you want to move in. Take the two torches from the wall and use Key 1 in the brownish door. Now enter that door. Take the two torches from the wall and open the book. You should see that your inventory on the top right has changed and says Book and Key 2. You have to take Key 2 from the books inventory screen. See that in the middle of the screen one of the stones on the wall is whiter than the rest. Use the hit command on that stone. Move to the bottom square (backwards) and use Key 2 in the grey locker looking door. Enter and take the sling and sword.

Move back to where we hit the stone and move through that hole (top left). Take the arrow from the wall and use the use command on the torch on the left. Now move to the left. Move again to the top left and take the torches. In your inventory you should see Torch=5 and a separate torch. Use the lit torch on the separate torch. Now take the blue cloak. Open the door and enter. From now on I'm not going to tell you to open the door. If I tell you to go somewhere and the door is not open just open it.

Take the torch. Look at the work EPOR on the wall twice to learn the spell. To go through your inventory you need to use the up and down next to the word card. Scroll though to your spells and use the use command on the spell EPOR. You should now enter the upper square. Take the broom. Take the two torches from the wall and move to the bottom square. Open the two coffins closest to you on the right side. Open the small bag and take the three coppcoins. Use the burning torch on the mummy and take the scepter. To move backwards here You need to open the door, but you can't see the door, so use the open command on the small square on the bottom below move, and then enter. Open both doors here and enter the right one. Enter the door ahead and take one of the stones from the ground.

To get to where we want to go you actually have to click move on the small area between the waterfall and the fallen rocks. Hit the circular looking thing and open the bag. Take all 3 Gems. Move back 3 times and go to the left. Take the two torches from the wall and use Whitegem on the small black hole next to the door. Take the sphere and move to the top left. Take the large silver shield first, then any 4 other items to unlock-

Select continue and go back into that room. This time take the shield first, the spear second, and the hammer third. Move back twice and go to the right. Use the sphere on the water. Then use the burning torch on the water. Take the sphere and key from the skeletons hand. Move back, then forward twice. Use the hammer on the right mirror to unlock-

Select continue. Use the Hammer on the middle mirror and then key 3 on the revealed door. Use the cloak on self and move forward. Use the Sphere on the flames below and move forward again. Attempt to move up again and a troll will stop you. Use Coppcoin on him twice to unlock-

Select continue and move up twice. This time use the Spear on the troll and move up. Use the stone on the sling and the sling on the cyclops. Then use the sword on the cyclops. Use the handle on the well and open the bucket. Take the Gauntlet and then move forward. Take the torch from the wall and move to the lower left room. Open the desk on the lower right and open scroll 3 and 4 to learn new spells. Take Key 5 and Glasses and use Glasses on self. Open the book on top of the desk to learn another spell. Take the Map and Skull. Use the Red Gem on the hole next to the bookcase and go inside. Take the bellows from the right. Use the spell Terrakk and open the globe. Take key 6 (I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be a 6) and move back twice. Go into the upper left room. You should see a stone on the ground that's whiter than the rest. Use that stone and then take the water. Take the Hrseshoe from on top of the doorway, then enter that door.

Use the Gauntlet on self and take the Flute. Use the Flute and take the ring that it revealed in the tree. Move back twice and go into the upper most door. Use the burning torch on the rug and take Key 4. Use Key 4 on the bottom door, Key 5 on the top right door, and Key 6 on the top left door. Take the Mirror from the wall. Enter the top right door. Attempt to go up and the Sphinx will present you with a riddle. I'm pretty sure these are the only 6 riddles.

Long neck, no hands. 100 legs, cannot stand. Born of forest nest, against a wall I rest. Answer- Broom

You look at me, I look back. Your right hand raises, I my left. You speak, but I in vain. Answer- Mirror

It has towns but no houses. Forests, but no trees. Rivers but no fish. Answer- Map

First burnt and beaten, drowned and pierced, then stepped on by long faced animals. Answer Hrseshoe

I've no eyes, but once I did see. Thoughts had I but now I'm white and empty. Answer- Skull

I'm fires best friend, my body swells with wind. With my nose I blow, how the embers glow. Answer- Bellows

Use whatever item the answer is on the sphinx and move up. Take the star from the star map on the left. Move up and attempt to take the green blade to unlock-

Move back twice then to the upper left room. Attempt to move up to be stopped by a Hellhound. Use the Water on him and take the Horn. Move up and use the star on the Wyvern. Take the Talisman. Move back twice and go into the Lower door (Middle square). Take the two torches and move into the left door. Move left again and open the small bag. Take the three Goldcoins and the one Big Coin. Move back twice and go right.

Use Scepter in the Skeleton's right hand (his left) and use the ring in the revealed hole. Move forward and take the 4 torches. Move forward again and use the spell Illumina. Move to the top left. Use the handle on the well and use the Big Coin on the hole of the well. Now move down the well. You will see a Gong with a mallet attached. Use the Mallet on the Gong. Use Goldcoin on the Ferryman and use the Move command on the raft. Use the Talisman on the left most star looking slot and then use the horn. Move forward. Now use the sword on the figure in the blue robe to unlock-

And that's it for Shadowgate. Now onto Deja Vu.

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