5. 8-Bit Adventure Anthology: Volume I UninvitedUpdate notes

Start by examining the steering wheel over and over again until you unlock-

Select Continue. Open the car door on your left and exit. Open the mailbox, then open the envelope and take the Pendant. Move forward then move to the right. Open the book on the table then examine it for some spells. Move back, then to the upper left. Attempt to open any door twice to unlock-

Move back into the hallway then up the stairs. Open the door in the back right and enter. Open the black bureau and take the Ruby. Spam examine on the rug 60 or so times to unlock-

Now Open the middle door on the right and enter. Take the Axe. Move back and then go into the bottom right room. Take the Spray and No Ghost from the second shelf from the top. Move back and enter the door on the back left. Open the Table next to the bed and open scroll 1 for another spell. Move back twice. Attempt to open a door, then open the No Ghost and use it on the ghost. Go through the door to the upper left and take the bouquet from on top of the table. Move to the left and take either of the knives hanging on the wall. Move to the square on the right(you must open it first). Take the matches from the far right on the second shelf from the top. Go back 4 times (2 of the doors need to be opened). Go into the top right door.

Use the Knife on the large chair and take Key 1. Move to the left and up the stairs. Go into the door on the bottom left and use Key 1 on the dresser. Take the box and open scroll 2 and 3. Move back twice then to the upper right room. Use the Matches on the fireplace and them the box on the fire. Take the Star. Move to the Upper left, then the lower left. Use Key 1 on the cabinet and take Gyp. Doll. Use the spell Dolldoll to get another spell. Go through the door ahead and take the cage from the bottom left.

Move forward, then to the top middle. Enter the door and take the Watercan. Use the watercan on the pot on the lower left twice. Then move back and use the faucet on the lower right. use the Watercan on the now flowing water and go back through the door. Use the Watercan on the pot a third time and take the fruit that appears. Move back twice then to the top right. Use the spell Thundede. Move forward and use the spell O Sesame. Use the matches on the candles and take them. Take the Goblet from on top of the altar and move left. Move forward. This next bit is a maze so if you mess up the directions along the way and get lost use the spell Telemaze to be teleported back to the beginning.

Move forward, Left, Left, Forward, Forward, Left, Left, Forward, Forward, Right, Right, Forward, Forward, Right, Right, Right. Use the Pendant on the zombie. Move Right, Down, and then Down. Use the bouquet on the tombstone and move left. Use Key 1 on the keyhole slot in the wall and use the cage on the bird on the left. Move back twice and open the cage. Take the Jewel and use the spell Telemaze.

Move back 3 times and then to the upper left. Use the Jewel in the white slot above the door and enter. Use the Fruit on the blue creature and move forward. Open the safe on the upper left. I actually did an extra playthrough thinking something had glitched on me, but after very much screwing around I finally figured it out. You have you use the D-Pad to switch the numbers. Change it to 794780 and press cn_A. Use the Axe on the revealed jar to receive Cookie. Move back 5 times and use the Cookie on the plate on the table. Take the Key left behind on the plate.

Now go back to where we opened the safe and use the matches on the fireplace. Use Key 2 on the manhole cover looking thing and enter it. Move to the top square and hit the spider to unlock-

Move to the left and use the star on the ice. Use the Human Figure with the hole and move to the top most square. Use key 2 on the door and enter. Move back 3 times and up the stairs. Move to the top left room and then through the top right door. Turn on the faucet in the bathtub and spam examine until you unlock-

Now go back to the room in the upper right and turn on the same faucet, but this time spam open on the circle thing on the ceiling. When it opens enter it. Hit your sister then hit the demon to unlock-

And that's it for the game. Congrats on the completion!

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