A Memoir Blue Reviews

  • Kinglink2Kinglink2282,313
    20 May 2022
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    I covered this game as part of my coverage of the Xbox Game Pass for April 2022

    An emotional journey.

    Hopefully, I can play that song without issue because I think the music in A Memoir Blue is a good sign. If that song can make you feel something, no matter what it is, this might be the game for you. This is a game fully driven by visuals and music, with no dialogue at all. You play an award-winning swimmer, who hears a song on the radio and enters a surreal dream. Or maybe it’s just a person who has magic abilities to fly off the couch and her room falls apart. That’s the problem with no dialogue.

    A Memoir Blue though is a dive into this character’s life through multiple point-and-click scenes, and it’s a journey that connected with me. There is a very cathartic release by the end. It’s also a game that doesn’t overstay its welcome, running about forty minutes long, and ending on the perfect note.

    Pick this up if you liked Gorogoa, Unpacking, or just want to play a short point and click game. This game is fantastic and worth a playthrough, at least on Xbox Game Pass. Even if you go for all the achievements you’ll probably burn through this game in a couple of hours, but it’s also a game that is worth a quick playthrough because it will reach you. I’d probably put this title above Unpacking and I know people went crazy for that one, I just think this one is better.

    If you want to see the video this was taken of, or more from me on the Xbox Game Pass, check out:
  • guyinkalamazooguyinkalamazoo251,579
    19 Apr 2022
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    This is why smaller indie storytelling games need to be continuing to be made. Such a beautiful, heart-warming story without one single word being spoken. I went into the game thinking it was just another point and click game, and it is, but the story drew me in and would not let go. And yes, achievement hunters will like how easy it is to get them here with this game. I was one of them, but I hope they will be drawn into the story just as I was. I hope to see more creations made by Annapura and Cloisters Interactive.