2. A Plague Tale: Innocence General hints and tips

Gameplay Tips

Sometimes you'll need to shoot (with your sling), and sometimes you'll need to throw (with your arm). Shooting gives you more distance and a more linear arc, but the sling is loud and can attract guards. Be sure to pay attention to whether I'm saying Throw or Shoot.

There are a few subtle visual cues that are very helpful:

  • If you're aiming at a "valid" target, the reticle will turn yellow. This is helpful later in the game when you're switching ammunition types frequently. If the ammo you have equipped can't damage what you're aiming at, the reticle won't be yellow.
  • If a guard is near you, but off-screen, the edge of the screen will illuminate yellow. The closer the guard is, the stronger this illumination will be.
  • Be sure to pay close attention to the attention meter. Red lines around the edge mean you're actively seen, filling white means you're attracting attention, and filling red means you're about to be caught. These different attention indicators are all paired with their own set of audio cues, as well.


Thanks to the chapter replay system, none of the collectibles are missable. The chapter replay menu also lists how many collectibles are in each chapter, and you can use that to quickly view if you're missing something, what chapter it's in. In-game, pressing cn_back will let you review the collectibles you have, and if you're getting them all in order as you progress through the game, they will fill out in the correct order. If you ever see an empty space between two collectibles from this menu, you've missed one.

The exception is the Alchemy Carts. The game does not visually track which carts you've entered. Most of these aren't very hidden, but if you wind up missing one of those, you'll just have to replay the chapters that have carts, starting with the chapters you think you missed. These do not need to be visited in order, so once you enter the fifth one the achievement for them will pop.

Crafting Resources

Resource gathering is less forgiving. When you complete one chapter and enter the next, it creates a 'hard-save' that becomes the save that is used any time you choose to play that chapter from Chapter Select. If for example, you speed through Chapter 4 and complete it, at the start of Chapter 5, you will obviously be without any of the resources that you missed in Chapter 4. This becomes the "Chapter 5" starting point the game will use when you select to start from Chapter 5. Even if you replay Chapter 4 from chapter select, scour the level, and completing it with your bag stuffed with materials, the game will not overwrite that first Chapter 4 completion. If at any point you choose to start Chapter 5 from the chapter select, it will load that first save. You can choose 'Continue' from the main menu without any issues, but if you ever go back and choose a different chapter select, you'll be working with whatever you had available that first time you hit that point in the game.

Because of this, you will want to be sure to thoroughly explore each level. If you're consulting this guide after you've played the game through once, you might even consider starting an entirely new save just to reduce any chance of accidents. In all likelihood, you'll be doing about the same amount of replaying anyway. I call out resources as I encounter them, but this is by no means a definitive 100% list.

To reiterate, crafting materials are extremely important. It is possible to upgrade everything in one playthrough. Get your Pocket to level 2 before making any other upgrades so that you have the extra capacity to gather materials between upgrade stations.

Once you have the ability to craft the 'expensive' specialty ammunition (the two in the lower right corner of the ammo wheel), you'll want to be very careful about needlessly crafting these. I recommend only crafting these when you immediately need to use them. The rest of the ammo you can practically craft as much as you want whenever you want, just be sure to always be searching.

About halfway into the game, you'll unlock the option to also upgrade your alchemic tools. These can be handy but are not required for any achievements, so they are not at all a priority. I upgraded some of it during this walkthrough, but these upgrades are 100% optional.


cn_LSc - Movement

cn_RSc - Camera/Aiming

cn_A - Climbing, when available

cn_B - Dodge

cn_X - Crouch/Sneak

cn_Y - Interact/Pick up

cn_LB - hold to aim a throw

cn_LT - hold to aim a shot with the sling

cn_RB - Ammunition menu, use the right stick to change ammo type, and holding cn_A will craft the highlighted ammo type

cn_RT - Throw/Shoot, when aiming/ Sprint when not aiming

cn_up - Give commands to AI-partners

cn_down - Toggle AI to stay put or follow

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