3. A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 1 - The de Rune Legacy

Chapter I - The de Rune Legacy

Collectables - 1 Gift, 2 Curiosities

This introductory chapter serves as both a prologue and a tutorial for the most basic and recurring gameplay mechanics. As we can't yet craft anything, we don't have to explore too much off the main path.

Talk with your dad and follow him through the woods (don't forget to press cn_Y to pet your dog - this is not for an achievement, it's just because we're decent human beings). Once you reach an open clearing with an apple tree, collect some rocks near a fallen log (this is the basic ammunition for your sling). Head back to your father and complete his challenge of shooting down six apples in ten seconds. It does not matter if you successfully complete this challenge, the game continues regardless.

Hold cn_LT to aim, and once you're pointed at an appropriate target, your reticle will turn yellow. Hold cn_RT to get the sling moving, and release it to fire. If you hold cn_RT too long, you'll notice the targeting reticle open up more, meaning you'll less accurate. Keep this in mind, and get your shots off quickly.

With that done, follow Lion down a path through the forest until you discover a boar at another clearing. Wait for your father to arrive and he'll task you with taking the boar down. Press cn_X to crouch and sneak through the tall grass/flowers until you can get a clear shot to its head. Notice the indicator when the boar sees you because it's the same system with the guards in the game. When the symbol is filling up white, the enemy is suspicious. Once it's full, they will come investigate your position. Once it re-fills with Red, they are on full alert and will come kill you unless you can manage to hide. In this case, when the boar fills up red, it will run away instead of coming to kill you. Follow it by sneaking into the next patch of tall grass, and from here you can get a clear shot again. Rinse and repeat if necessary, and once you've finally hit it in the head, another cutscene plays.

Follow Lion into the dark part of the forest along the linear path, over and under some broken trees until you reach the carcass of the boar, then press on until you find Lion and another cutscene.

When you're back in control, you'll be at your family's mansion. Head right to the stables, and in the fourth stall is a ladder. Climb up the ladder to get Duck (Gift 1/11).

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The gardener, Theo, will tell you that he set up some pots for you, so head down the ladder, out the stall and around to the left, through an archway. Amicia will comment on the pots, grab some rocks then step into the sun and shoot all 6 pots to unlock:

More practice

Complete the aiming training

More practice
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Turn around and leave the backyard past the tree and the two men working by the gate, past a woman plucking the chicken and enter the chapel to your right. Head through the open double doors on your right, past the well and the man raking, and into another building straight ahead. Once inside, and you've closed the door, take a right, through that room into a smaller one with a ladder. Climb the ladder, and follow the walkway around to get Spices (Curiosity 1/26) sitting on a table.

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Climb down and backtrack to the main hall where you closed the door, and head through the other door to follow the spiral stairs upwards. At the top, follow Louise through the open door, into your room, where you'll find Tablecloth (Curiosity 2/26) on your bed.

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Head back to the top of the stairs and open the door for a cutscene, then head through the open doors and to the fort in the corner of Hugo's room for another cutscene.

Follow the prompt to call Hugo to your side. Stay behind the cover and move left to the next room. When the guard enters, wait until he moves to the next room, then pass behind him into the hallway and continue forward.

Remember that the edge of the screen will illuminate to tell you there's a guard close even when they're off-screen, this is a helpful mechanic that you'll want to understand and use throughout the game.

Wait until the guard at the staircase kills Gabrielle and leaves, then head through the door and down the stairs. While the guard is killing Louise, pass behind him into the dining hall, go between the two tables, then left into the room we got the Spices earlier (the ladder has now fallen). Continue into the kitchen and open the door for another cutscene.

Follow your mother down the stairs and into the tall grass, around the guards and past poor Theo. Stop when your mother does, and follow her when she moves again, helping Hugo over a climbable wall.

In the next section, you learn to throw things to distract guards with noises. Grab some stones and throw one at the armor. (hold cn_LB than press cn_RT) Continue on to get more stones, and this time you're throwing at some hanging pots and pans that make a scarecrow (which is what I'll call them going forward). Follow your mother to reach another guard searching the ground. On the bench near you are two pots - grab one. Select the pot with the radial menu (hold cn_RB ), throw it to the left of the guard, grab the second pot (never hurts to have one on you), and continue onwards following your mother to a locked door. When prompted, send Hugo through the gap so he can open the door from the other side. Continue following your mother through the apple trees and climb into the small room. After a brief dialogue, call Hugo back to your side and continue on.

Climb over the fence (note the white paint - this is frequently used as an indicator that you can climb something), then head into the tall grass. Have Hugo stay put, and once the guard walks to your left, quickly climb over the wall, cross the clearing and hide in the flower patch on the other side. Throw a pot to get the guard's attention, then call your mother and Hugo over to you. Hide in the next flower patch and throw a stone at the scarecrow. Wait for the guard to investigate it, then turn to leave. Once his back is turned, move on for another cutscene.

Back in control, it's time to run. Hold cn_RT to sprint and don't let go for the rest of the chapter. The path is fairly linear, but at the fork, go left. Continue on between the trees, following the path until you reach the edge of the river. One final cutscene is all that stands between you and:

The de Rune Legacy

Complete chapter 1

The de Rune Legacy
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