A World of Keflings (Win 8) Reviews

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    12 Nov 2013 13 Nov 2013
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    A World of Keflings released back in December 2010 for XBLA and the franchise is one of my favourites on XBLA! So I was extremely happy to see that NinjaBee released this game in March 2013 for the Windows 8 platform.

    You play as your avatar and you take up the role of some god-like creature for the little keflings. Your campaign goal is to build a castle for the king on your main forest kingdom. Why do I say main forest Kingdom? Because there are also 2 other kingdoms to explore, the Ice Kingdom and the Desert Kingdom. But most of the times you will find yourself helping the Keflings on the green planet. In the course of the game you will be building a lot of factories, houses and tell the keflings what to harvest and where to deliver these goods (wood, stone & crystal). With these goods you can build everything. Some of them need to be upgraded, i.e. “stone” you will have to process to “cut stone” to build advanced buildings.
    Long story short...people who like the Kefling franchise, will also like this game. :)


    Unlike the XBLA version, there is no multiplayer and no Famestar challenges or points for Famestar to collect. So you will only find the Single Player campaign on the menu for you to play. And until now there's no DLC chapters to download, but this may come with time.
    You will pick up the gameplay pretty fast and help the keflings building up their population and kingdom(s). The language of the game is childish and at some (rare) points funny. But most of the times you will roll your eyes to the expressions the different keflings use.


    The visuals are similar to the XBLA version, maybe a little bit worse as the keflings move not very fluently at times. Nothing more to say here.
    In my opinion, the touch controls is one of the downsides of this game. As it is not very accurate and I found myself picking up stuff I didn’t want and going to places I didn’t want to go to. For this game, where everything is close together and keflings are walking around in tight spaces, the controls are not optimal. I didn’t play it with the mouse, so can’t judge the controls with it.

    For Achievement Hunters

    The achievements are partially the same as on the XBLA platform. But they added some new ones for the Windows 8 version. They have a nice spread and you will have to discover everything and play through to the end. The whole list can be done in 7-10 hours, which is ok.
    For some people achievements glitched on them especially the “participate in 60 keflings stories”. Also the emotes seem to be glitched as some of the unlocked emotes will disappear in the progress of the game. It’s best to just do the emotes as soon as you unlock them. All in all a solid list.
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    VixyNyanI can't 100% confirm it, but for some accounts, if you try to run the game, you reach the developer logos and when you try to reach the title screen, all you get is a black screen and I think it's either a windows 8 device issue or sync with cloud save from the XBLA version. Whatever the case may be, be careful before starting this version, as it might be rendered unplayable under those above conditions. redface
    Posted by VixyNyan on 09 May 14 at 15:26