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  • Smokey JohSmokey Joh439,241
    09 Dec 2017 11 Dec 2017
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    ABZÛ Review

    ABZÛ, is an interactive swimming/adventure game from some of the creative minds behind the PS3 classic Journey. The game itself is very vague early on, but teaches you the subtle gameplay elements through it's 3ish hour story, as you make your way into different areas of the sea and interact with various sea life. The idea of the game is quite beautiful as you restore areas that have been tainted by machines that are sucking the life from the sea, all the way to the mechanical mothership of sorts, trying to ‘unlock’ the natural elements of the ocean.

    The game plays well too with simple controls and no fluff. There are a small number of collectables and the meditation statues are a nice touch, allowing you to take in the serene ocean life. It isn't heavy on the gameplay side of things with more of a leaning towards a calmer hassle free experience, but has some limited replayability thanks to the achievements.

    It is a great looking game. Colours of the ocean and fish pop and the water effects and sunlight streaming through make everything wonderfully vibrant. Also the contrast of the muted areas superbly portray the feeling of loss in the ocean. All in all, ABZÛ is a wonderful, thought provoking and beautiful game. It is a short, concise experience but one I would recommend to everyone.
  • A Big RadroachA Big Radroach494,506
    24 Jun 2019
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    A truly beautiful aquatic exploration adventure game with novice puzzles and educational elements.

    I personally found ABZÛ lacked much excitement or story until late game where dare I say it, the pieces of the puzzle came together. What lacked as excitement at the beginning slowly transformed into a utterly engrossing game.
    Having previously worked on a marine life conservation. I'd highly recommend going all 'completionist' just to look at the life brought into the game. It's a great little find in Store or on Game pass and a awesome game to chill with after a long shift or before bed. I cannot empathise enough the importance of exploring for fun and learning about the endless species of wildlife amongst the depths. It's relatively short with frequent checkpoints and chapters and can be taken at your own pace. If you have any interest in the mysteries of the ocean you can pop in that wet suit stored away in the attic or you could (and should) download ABZÛ on your sofa.

    5/5 creativity, design, controls, detail and integrity.

    4/5 for overall story, fun and excitement.

    The Brief:
    - It's more of a interesting game than a 'fun' game.
    - Very easy and fast completion for TA users. 1.4 Ratio and 1-2 hour Completion.
    - £15.99 in Store/Available on Game Pass.
    - 2.96GB Download.
  • Spring ShieldsSpring Shields187,401
    18 Jan 2020
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    I'm hesitant about calling ABZU a "game", however it's an absolutely beautiful experience that's worth playing through.

    The game's overall creative direction is really well done; I love the colourful, vibrant, stylized art direction of the environments. One thing the game really nails is the sense of scale within the world around you. It does a fantastic job of making you realize just how small you are and how large this ocean ecosystem is. Nothing like swimming next to an Orca to make you realize just how small and insignificant you are.

    The game's musical score is also well done. It syncs up well with the game's art direction. Serene music to go with the colourful, lively environments and utter silence and greyscale when in environments that you have to restore to their former glory.