2. ACA NEOGEO ALPHA MISSION II General hints and tipsUpdate notes

This is a very simple game to complete as long as you don't mind monotonous gameplay.

The controls that you should be most concerned with are the directional pad for movement, and the cn_X button to shoot. Press it repeatedly, it fires much faster than holding the button down.

cn_Y transforms your ship into whatever armor you have selected. Most of the ships are only available for a limited time, as their power reduces with each shot fired or damage you take. "Nuke", however, is the best and should be bought whenever you have the chance. It only loses energy from getting hit and defeats everything easier.

cn_A changes the armor you have selected and is rarely used, but there if you want to save "HOME" for the sideways moving bad guys.

You should collect all of the single letter upgrades. Shooting them flips them and you want at least an "L" or "M" early on. The rest of the time it does not matter. Getting all the L's and M's you need early on and using the lesser armors as basically shields as long as possible, boosting their reserve energy with E's helps you stay alive indefinitely. Getting lots of G's meant you could buy all the armors you wanted!

There is a huge exception to collecting all the letters, that is purple letters. They are negative and take away one, from whichever letter they were. A purple L takes away some of your laser power, a purple M takes away some missiles, a purple E will drain your armor power.

The armor weapons that you can use briefly and they contain full words on the powerups. Each powerup contains three pieces and you must collect them in a row. If you collect, for instance, 2 Sides, then 1 Home, you lose out on both and now have to collect 2 more Home in a row.

The rest is typical shoot 'em up dodge bullets and do not get hit.

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