3. ACA NEOGEO FATAL FURY 2 Story walkthroughUpdate notes

We'll begin with Original mode.

As the game starts, press cn_back and go into game settings to change the time to slowest and the difficulty to 1. The game will now restart and while it reboots, pick Joe (the 2nd to last fighter with the red shorts) and select Kim as your first enemy (the guy on the far right with the white robes).

Upon starting, use cn_LSd and cn_B to do a slide kick, keep using this move until it hits and do it again when the enemy stands up. After 3 or 4 hits the enemy will be in the corner and can't move anymore to the right. Now after him standing up with the slide kick, mash cn_X and you will give them a barrage of punches ala Rocky Balboa and will do a bit of damage even if the enemy blocks. After 2 quick perfect wins you should be on around 75,000 to 85,000 points. The 2nd fight will always be against Andy, who for some reason is Italian in this game but American in other ACA games, but that doesn't matter. Simply abuse the same cheap tactic on him and save and quit if necessary if you get hit. After the 2nd fight you should have around 160,000 points. The 3rd fight will always be against Cheng, and after 2 more perfects you will definitely have over 200,000 score. Now you can let yourself get defeated and it will ask you to save your score. Do so and you will have these Achievements:

2nd up will be Caravan Mode! Unlike original mode, you only have 5 minutes to get Gold, which is plenty unlike other NeoGeo games and you have Joe's slide attack. Again pick Kim as your first enemy. If you get 2 perfects on Kim you will already have nearly 80,000 points and thus the 60,000 for Gold. If you get hit you will miss out on the 20,000 perfect bonus and get around 35,000 after the first 2 wins, but the 2nd fight (again) vs Andy and you can smack the crap out of him and again if you get hit but manage to beat him, you will have around 70,000 points. If you want to get high on the leader boards you can abuse this tactic until fight 6 or 7. Anyway, you should now have these Achievements as well:

Now up to Hi Score Mode! An endless run that will end within a few minutes because you only need 60,000 to get Gold in this. Do exactly the same as what I said for Caravan mode and you will either have your 60,000 after fight 1 with perfects or fight 2 with no perfects. Hi Score also has a seperate leaderboard Achievement so make sure you upload your score after being defeated, unlocking you these final Achievements:

Enjoy your easy 1000G!

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