1. ACA NEOGEO METAL SLUG 2 (Win 10) Walkthrough overview

ACA NEOGEO METAL SLUG 2 (Win 10) a port of the original Metal Slug 2. The game comes with 1000 Gamerscore from 12 achievements, all of which are easy to obtain and even easier than the last Metal Slug addition to the ACA series, ACA NEOGEO METAL SLUG (Win 10).

There are three different modes available, each with their own set of achievements tied to them - Original Mode, High Score Mode, and Caravan Mode. You'll need to obtain certain scores in each mode to unlock most of the achievements and then upload your score in two of the modes for another couple of achievements.

Having huge amounts of patience and skill with the likes of Metal Slug 3 and Metal Slug XX isn't necessary for this title. Although you're probably already well-aware of how straight-forward and easy the majority of the ACA titles are.

In the walkthrough, I will provide plenty of text and a video for each of the game modes. I've listed that the playthroughs required to complete the game is three. However, you don't need to fully complete the game three times over. All you'll need to do is playthrough on three different modes until you obtain enough score in each one.

Being on your PC or laptop, you can use the keyboard or plug in an Xbox One controller. If you have an Xbox One S or Xbox One X controller, these can be used wirelessly thanks to their bluetooth features.

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