2. ACA NEOGEO METAL SLUG 2 (Win 10) General hints and tips

All you need is just a touch of patience when playing ACA Metal Slug 2. The Original mode achievements will be the longest haul as you'll need to reach at least the half-way point in Mission 5 to earn 1,500,000 points. Thankfully however, you'll have an unlimited amount of lives and continues and you'll only be against a very slow-ticking clock. High score mode and Caravan mode start you out with just three lives and no continues. High score mode doesn't include a time frame but Caravan mode does as well as specific scores to obtain for each of their achievements.

In High score mode, you'll need to reach the end of Mission 2 ideally without dying and with having saved as many POW's as possible. In Mission 1, you definitely need to complete this mission without dying and saving all ten POW's. In Mission 2, you can get away with a death or two as there's a secret area you can check out for extra points and also a trick to making the Mission's boss much easier.

You'll only need 500,000 points in Caravan Mode to nail all of this mode's specific achievements and this can be done by the end of Mission 1 so long as you don't die, save all of the POW's and also keep the Camel with you at the end of the mission.

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