2. ACA NEOGEO METAL SLUG 4 General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Metal Slug 4 comes with the usual features of a Metal Slug title including POW's, weapons, different enemies, a select number of missions, and more. As per usual, the achievement list is tied to the game's Original mode, Hi score mode, and Caravan mode. A new feature of the game however is Medals (also known as Regular Army Badges), and these are key to achievement-related success in this game. Without them, it's pretty much impossible to earn enough points for the achievements.

I'll be using YouTube user Muse Of Cinder's video guide in which he's revealed the best way to obtain points. As he's only recorded a video for the Original mode, I've put my own together for Caravan Mode but we can also use Muse's video for Hi Score mode too.

As you make your way through the missions you'll come across Prisoners of War (POW's). These are guys who have been captured and have long blonde hair and long beards. Once you free them, you'll need to walk into them for them to count as saved. There will also be a wondering sergeant called Madoka Aikawa who is a red-headed female character you will see slowly walking away from you part way through the first mission. You can shoot at her backpack for one or two extra items and then run into her to save her too. Saving her will award you with extra points so long as you don't die in between saving her and finishing the mission.

As and when you save POW's, they will add to your count that appears along the bottom of the screen in the form of tiny stickmen. If at any point you die however, you will lose all of the saved POW's so far regardless of how many you have or when you saved them. That means that when the mission is over, you could be potentially losing out on hundreds of thousands of points.

Hi Score mode and Caravan mode both see you start with three lives and no continues. There's not as much pressure in Hi Score mode as you're not against the clock but Caravan mode gives you five minutes to earn as much score as you can before the game is over.

For Hi Score mode, you're going to need to maximise your score with the medals and stay alive as much as possible as 2,000,000 points is quite a big ask. It's the same score that's required for Original mode too but the only difference here is that in Original mode, you can die as much as you like while enjoying unlimited lives and continues.

In Caravan mode, simply reaching the end of mission one will be enough for all of the required score. The only thing you need to remember, besides the medals, is to keep the third part of the boss alive long enough to save all of the POW's that appear.

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