24 Apr 2017
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    48 Hours ago, despite having played my fair share of NEO GEO games, I had never heard of let alone played OVER TOP.

    OVER TOP is an isometric 3D racing arcade game in which you must reach the finish before your time runs out.

    There are 8 vehicles to choose from including a hot hatch, a couple of sports cars, a jeep, a truck etc. Upon making your selection you can also choose from several colours.

    The game starts with your vehicle lined up next to 3 others on the start line.

    You must race through 6 stages (City, Village, Lake Side, Mountain, Desert and Park).
    Each stage has a time limit and a (default) 40 second stage record. Upon the completion of each stage before the timer runs out you get a quick break from the action while your time for the next stage is increased depending upon how well you did on this one.

    The vehicle you choose will affect how well you do on each stage. For example, the red sports car is lighting quick on the first, road based, stage but is slower on some of the other stages due to mud, snow etc. The bigger vehicles while not so quick in some places will have an advantage in others.

    Complete stage 6 and if your time is fast enough you will be asked to enter your initials and your time is listed on the leader board.

    If you are quick enough to beat the 3 vehicles you lined up with at the start of the race you will be treated to a special end of game sequence.

    As with other ACA NEO GEO releases there are four versions, or modes of play, being Original Japanese Version, Original English Version, Hi Score and Caravan Mode (5 minute time limit).

    As i mentioned at the start I played this for the first time just 2 days ago. I am writing this having already collected all of the games achievements.

    Should you buy this game?

    If you have fond memories of this game, if you like arcade racing games and will likely replay it or if you want a game that is easy to 'complete' then yes go ahead and buy it as I have.

    For me this game holds no memories and now that I have finished it I am unlikely to play it again. As is the case with NEO TURF MASTERS the Hi Score element is meaningless. I finished it with the first vehicle, the hot hatch, in its default blue colour. Some may find replay value in finishing the game with all 8 vehicles - personally I don't feel the need. Finishing first may also keep the game alive for you - again this may or may not keep you playing.

    Also, a word to the wise, if you want to finish this quickly YOU TUBE will make it very simple. This will, in my opinion spoil the game. If you can resist the temptation you will enjoy this game for longer.