ACA NEOGEO PULSTAR (Win 10) Achievements

Most Earned

CARAVAN MODE 40,000 points
CARAVAN MODE 40,000 points82 (80)CARAVAN MODE 40,000 points.
Mark high score
Mark high score84 (80)High score has been updated.
CARAVAN MODE 80,000 points
CARAVAN MODE 80,000 points85 (80)CARAVAN MODE 80,000 points
CARAVAN MODE 120,000 points
CARAVAN MODE 120,000 points108 (100)CARAVAN MODE 120,000 points.

Least Earned

HI SCORE MODE 200,000 points
HI SCORE MODE 200,000 points122 (100)HI SCORE MODE 200,000 points.
HI SCORE MODE 150,000 points
HI SCORE MODE 150,000 points92 (80)HI SCORE MODE 150,000 points.
Score 600,000 points.
Score 600,000 points.88 (80)The score won 600,000 points
Score 400,000 points.
Score 400,000 points.88 (80)The score won 400,000 points
All ACA NEOGEO PULSTAR (Win 10) Achievements

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