1. ACA NEOGEO SENGOKU Walkthrough overview

Welcome! As with most (if not all) ACA NEOGEO games, this game is a port of the original Sengoku beat ‘em up arcade game released in 1991. Like other ACA NEOGEO games, there are three game modes (Original, Hi Score, and Caravan), each of which grant you three achievements for hitting various scores, and three more achievements for miscellaneous tasks that involve uploading/posting your high score. I will address Original mode first, but since game settings can be changed to make Original mode extremely easy, I won’t say much beyond what settings you’ll want to choose. The meat of my guide will be focused on your Caravan/Hi Score runs since this is where you will actually need to make an effort without the benefit of customizable options.

The total time this game will require of you is variable. If you are extremely efficient and precise, it may be possible to grab all 12 achievements/1000GS in under an hour. With the strategy I will provide you, I think 1-2 hours is the most reasonable estimate of how long a full completion will take. But if you struggle with beat ‘em ups, have bad luck with spawns and timing, and/or just can’t quite get the hang of the game, it may end up taking longer than that.

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