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Posted on 25 October 17 at 16:24
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Aer - Memories of Old Review
Developer:Forgotten Key
Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
Release Date: 25th October 2017
Price: £11.99 - Temporary price of £10.19

Sometimes, a game will be announced that captures the attention, the imagination, and the awe of gamers with a single screenshot. Drawing you in with a steady flow of trailers as the months go by, showing off gameplay footage, and the world that has been lovingly created by developers who are passionate about bringing their creation to life. Aer - Memories of Old is one such title, and I have been following this game for quite some time, and now I've had my chance to spend some time in the world of the Old Gods. That burning question; is it any good, needs answering.

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Upon laying eyes on this game, the first and most obvious thought I had was; the graphics were certainly different. A low-poly visual that's reminiscent of Morphite, another recent release. I'm not one for being overly concerned with how a game looks however, as gameplay is far more important a feature for me. Especially as I commenced my gaming hobby way back in the 1980's, when games looked decidedly worse than they do now. But even in this low-poly display, Aer was still able to portray its beauty, without relying upon a Triple-A overhaul. It has a certain charm, and one that's irresistible too, as it's hard not to look at Aer once you lay eyes upon it.

Once I'd gotten the game underway, I was soon in control of Auk, the shapeshifter who is to journey through the broken lands of the Old Gods, who have lost my been forgotten, and in turn save them from a dark evil that threatens the world. The land is now broken up, with floating islands scattered all over, and you are bound by no rules, which means you can go off and explore to your hearts content. Don't want to push the story along? So be it. There is places of interest to discover and explore, across the many islands, with plenty of history in the form of stone tablets and scrolls which tell the story and history, and I thoroughly enjoyed finding more as I explored. In fact, Is say it's actually encouraging.

Auk is, as I mentioned, a shapeshifter. A one of a kind person, who has the ability to soar the skies as a bird. The transition is seamless as you transform, and it's a mechanic that took 2 years to perfect, which to the developers credit works wonderfully. Frame rate and controls don't suffer at any point during the game, making Aer a stunning game to just relax too. I never felt as though I was being rushed through the story, being allowed to play it as I saw fit.

The actual content of the story isn't a large amount, but the lore that he been placed around makes up for it. With several caves dotted around along with the 3 temples, which make up the story. So, it's not going to take you long to reach the end game, but the journey there is one that will stand out, and leave you not only impressed, but satisfied with the experience.

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One stand out feature of Aer, and I'm not going to exaggerate, is the music. When travelling on foot, it hangs in the background, just letting you know it's there with subtle tones. It's only when you take to the air to fly freely, that it changes along with Auk, adding new instruments and melody. Not only that, but each area that you can explore has its own unique soundtrack. As far as soundtracks go in gaming, Aer is possibly one of the most memorable.

If I was to pick a fault with Aer, then I'd say it was a bit too short. You could complete it in 2-3 hours, maybe quicker if the temples don't trouble you with some of the puzzles. Even with such little time as Auk, you won't forget your few hours in a hurry.

Overall, Aer - Memories of Old is up there as one of the most impressive games of 2017. There, I said it. The price is a lot lower than one would have expected for the amount of love and care that has been put into bringing Aer to the masses. Do yourself a favour, get your money and spend it here. I'd love to have seen more in terms of quantity of the story, but you can't win them all. As it stands, it's worth every penny.

Graphics - 8
Audio - 10
Gameplay - 10
Longevity - 6
Value for Money - 10

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