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AFL Live (PC) Achievements

Most Earned

Australian Made16 (15)Create a player in the player creator.
Poster20 (15)Hit a goal post and score a behind.
50 Metre Bomb20 (15)Kick a goal from beyond the 50 metre arc.
First Use20 (15)Perform 5 taps directly to a receiver in a match.

Least Earned

Lifetime Lagger250 (80)Kick 5000 goals.
Legendary265 (85)Win a Toyota AFL 2011 Premiership Season on Legend, 20 min quarters, extreme injuries, no simulating
Nabbed It223 (80)Win the Pre-Season Competition on Legend in real time with extreme injuries.
The Professionals71 (30)Win a Toyota AFL 2011 Premiership Season on Professional, no simulating.
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