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What other sport in the world demands mastery of kicking, marking and bouncing an oval shaped ball? What other sport combines the stamina of an elite endurance runner, the explosive pace of a sprinter and the physical strength of a wrestler to lay on or take bone-crunching tackles? Welcome to the greatest sport in the world; welcome to the world of AFL Live. * Lead your AFL team to glory and win the Premiership flag. * See and feel every big play with motion captured from real players. * Tackle, bump, fend and spoil. Take massive specky's! Kick miraculous bananas from the boundary and unleash mighty torpedos! * Multiple camera settings and dramatic replays. * Expert commentary by Dennis Cometti and Brian Taylor. * Dynamic on-the-fly interchanges. * Team-based strategies based on your personal style of play. * Create and customise unique players and teams in the FOOTY FACTORY. * Competitive or co-operative multiplayer with up to 4 players locally. * Go online for head-to-head or co-operative clashes having up to 4 players on each side. * Online Experience System: Level up to win badges for ultimate bragging rights. * All 12 authentic AFL stadia from around Australia.
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