4. ARCADE GAME SERIES: DIG DUG Rounds 6-10Update notes

These next five rounds will noticeably become harder and set the tone for the second half of the game. You'll also have the majority of the food items once you're done with Round 10, unless you're saving the scavenging for later.

Round 6

The enemy count might look like it has dropped back down to five, but there are actually two Pooka in the same spot, which won't be noticeable until one starts to phase through the dirt. Four of the enemies are Pygar to boot. The three in the lower left are your best bet at eliminating enemies quickly since they're pretty close to each other. You could also try getting rid of your fifth enemy and dropping two rocks as the last one leaves so you can try to get an Eggplant. At least that one makes more sense than finding a cucumber underground.

  • Eggplant

    Obtain the Eggplant that appears after dropping 2 rocks in a certain Round.


Round 7

Now things are getting a little more interesting. Two Pooka share the same starting tunnels with their own Pygar buddy, and a Pooka pair is up to the left. If you thought that Dig Dug would be easy just for being Dig Dug, this is where you'll start to question your judgement. As for fighting the enemies, I suggest going for either of the two caves on the left side since they're closer to you. Don't bother with the rocks unless you're actually really good at using them; your reward is just another Eggplant.

Round 8

Don't be fooled by the Pooka tunnel directly above your starting point; there are two of them in there, so be really careful about harpooning one of them if you want to aim for those two first. Just walk upwards and hit one by using your harpoon through the thin layer of dirt you created by entering the round. This is the only tunnel with two enemies in it, so there won't be any more surprises. Dropping two rocks here will grant you a Green Pepper.

Note: For food items, it's a perfectly viable strategy to drop one rock and then die, just so the enemies you haven't defeated reset their positions. This will give you enough time to get to a second rock, drop it, and collect your food before the enemy can come after you again.

  • Green Pepper

    Obtain the Green Pepper that appears after dropping 2 rocks in a certain Round.

    Green Pepper

Round 9

The scenery has changed again, this time to a drabber color palette. There are actually four Pooka and four Pygar in this round, so watch out and keep on your toes. Go for the Pygar directly underneath you first, and then work your way through the Pooka above you. This round also offers you a chance at a Green Pepper, but Round 8 is obviously the better bet at getting your veggie intake. Remember, if you run out of lives, don't stress out about it too much; the level select feature makes running through the required levels a cakewalk in the grand scheme of things.

Round 10

From now on, it's safe to assume that each round is just oozing with enemies. If you're finding things difficult, don't be afraid to back out to the main menu after finishing a level so you can re-enter one with a full stock of five lives. If you can manage to drop two rocks, you can find yourself a nice and ripe Tomato.

  • Tomato

    Obtain the Tomato that appears after dropping 2 rocks in a certain Round.


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