5. ARCADE GAME SERIES: DIG DUG Rounds 11-15Update notes

Rounds start to get pretty challenging here. They're nothing that five lives can't solve, but they're still going to cost you a few lives, so it's smart to reset the game when you enter a new round so you can restock on lives. By the time you're done with these five rounds, there'll just be one food item left to get before you can start tackling the tougher achievements.

Round 11

There are plenty of enemies on both sides of where you start, so it's up to you whether you want to fight the three Pooka and two Pygar, or the single Pooka and twin Pygar to the right. On the bright side, you won't have to worry about rocks, because this round also gives you a Tomato.

Round 12

It'd make sense to go for the tunnel above you, then the one to the left of it, since they're a lot closer to the starting point than the other enemies are. It's no use trying to count these things anymore, so just assume that there are too many of them. Dropping rocks here will make some Garlic appear, but it's not related to any achievements.

Round 13

We're back to the original dirt color scheme again. The level looks a lot calmer too, but rest assured that it's definitely not. There are lots of enemies hidden directly underneath other ones, so you're actually going to be fighting somewhere around a total of ten Pooka and Pygar. This round also gives you Garlic, so you won't have to strategize your rock-dropping until the next round. Don't be surprised if you have to reset your lives back up to five again for this one; the enemies have become super fast and running won't help you anymore.

Round 14

Another pretty difficult round. Reset your lives and aim for the enemies in the tunnels above you first, then wipe out the rest until there are two more. You're going to want to drop two rocks and return to the center of the stage for a Watermelon, the finest of underground food.


Obtain the Watermelon that appears after dropping 2 rocks in a certain Round.

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Round 15

As you'd expect, Round 15 is also pretty dang hard, and you'd be best off with five lives to start the round off. Head for the Pooka tunnel on your right first before going for any other tunnel, as they're likely to phase through the dirt pretty quickly after the round starts. The Pygar below you are actually pretty easy to kill because they can't breathe fire directly above them in a position like that. You can pick up another slice of Watermelon here too, if you want.

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