6. ARCADE GAME SERIES: DIG DUG Rounds 16-20Update notes

And now for the highest rounds you'll ever have to get to. Playing your cards right will allow you to just get to Round 18 without having to go any further, but you can always continue the game if you want.

Round 16

This round isn't actually all that bad. You'll die for sure, unless you're a master at the game, but it's not as bad as Round 15 for whatever reason. Dropping rocks will make a Galboss appear, from another of NAMCO's flagship titles, Galaga. It's not related to any achievements, but it's nice to see a fun little easter egg like that in person.

Round 17

With this round, you're back to the secondary color palette from earlier. Just like Round 16, all you have to do here is just get through to the next round; The Galboss you can earn doesn't do anything for you achievement-wise. You won't have to do a whole lot of digging for this round, either. The enemies will come to you much faster than you'll get to them.

Round 18

This is the last round you'll need to play, but it'll still take a bit of effort to make a Pineapple show up. It'll even then be a challenge just to get to the thing, but that's what level select is for. Enemies will almost always try to storm you, so take out as many as you can and you'll have a lot more options when you die and respawn.


Obtain the Pineapple that appears after dropping 2 rocks in a certain Round.

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Round 19

Any round from now on is optional, so you don't really need to play Round 19 if you don't want to. It functions much like one of the previous rounds of this color palette, so it wouldn't be that hard to finish. You can get yourself a brand-new Pineapple from each level past this point from now on, so if for whatever reason you find it hard to get one in Round 18, you might want to try your luck in this round.

Round 20

Round 20 is just about as hard as Round 19, which is to say that it's not too bad given the difficulty of the other, more recent rounds. Again, you'll only ever find a Pineapple in every round past this point, and there's really no point in continuing, but go right ahead if you want to topple your friends' scores and show them who's boss.

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