4. ARCADE GAME SERIES: GALAGA Stages 9-16Update notes

This set of levels is where Challenging Stages start to have achievements tied to them. These can be done as you get to those levels, or you can do them after you finish Stage 31 for your first time. It's up to you, but I'd recommend earning the achievements as they appear just so you don't have to do any backtracking later.

Stage 9

Enemies move a lot faster when they come into the stage this time, which means you'll probably die at least once here. That doesn't matter, of course, since death means nothing in this game. A plus to having the enemies come in faster, though, is that the stage is over sooner.

Stage 10

This stage is much like the previous one, where enemies will spawn in much quicker than any of the first eight stages. The goal for Stage 10 is just to get through it, so don't worry too much about dying. Heck, if you don't think you're going to make it with the lives you have left over from Stage 9, you can always reset to the game in the pause menu and try again with a full stock.

Upon starting this stage, you'll earn an achievement for seeing your new little medal in the bottom right corner.

Stage 11

From now on, every Challenging Stage will have an achievement associated with it that requires you to defeat absolutely every single enemy that appears. This is best done by creating a dual fighter, which you should've practiced on the previous set of levels. In order to use it in Challenging Stage 11, you'll have to create it in Stage 10 and keep it alive until this one starts.

Above is a video showing you the general placement your fighters should be in to defeat all the enemies in the stage for your convenience. You should also spot a dragonfly enemy here, granting you another achievement.

Stage 12

A standard level, which will be a great breather if you waited to get the Stage 11 Perfect achievement before continuing. If you wait long enough for the bees to transform, you'll now see three Galboss spawn. You can also see these later if you're not so lucky here.

Stage 13

This is just a plain old level, just like the one before it. Just try to finish, and you'll be done with it for good.

Stage 14

You're going to want to get real familiar with this stage, because you'll likely have to replay it many times to get a dual fighter for Challenging Stage 15. You should also notice by now that the enemies are becoming faster and faster as you complete more stages.

Stage 15

Challenging Stage 15 is actually a lot easier to get a perfect clear on than Challenging Stage 11, as long as you have a dual fighter. As one would expect, ship positioning is near impossible to accurately explain in words, and it's one of those things much easier seen than read.

If you didn't find a scorpion enemy way back around Stages 4-6, you'll definitely find one here, since they make up at least half of the waves for this stage.

Stage 16

There aren't any tricks to Stage 16, fortunately. You'll notice a lot more enemies compose the rival forces than before, though. Things have gotten noticeably tougher since the end of Stage 8, and you're only halfway there, but that's pretty good progress for such a short game.

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