5. ARCADE GAME SERIES: GALAGA Stages 17-24Update notes

You'll be getting the last of the miscellaneous achievements in this quarter of the game. As before, there are two more Challenging Stages to practice and master, so don't let your skills dwindle.

Stage 17

This stage is pretty simple, and that's just about all there is to say about it. But when you lose all your lives or find yourself at the title screen again, come back to this stage and shoot a single enemy with your very first blast. Then let all your lives run out by standing still. By doing this, the game will consider the level finished and your accuracy to be 100%, granting you this achievement.

Stage 18

Once again, there's nothing too exciting about this stage, but you're probably going to want to get used to it due to the need for a dual fighter in Challenging Stage 19.

Stage 19

Thanks to your improvement in performance, you should be even better at Galaga than you were eight levels ago. This Challenging Stage should be just a little tougher than Stage 15, but not as hard as Stage 11 in terms of getting a perfect run in. You'll be seeing a whole bunch of mosquitos here too, which will give you another achievement.

Stage 20

From here on out, stages are going to be pretty darn challenging. You might even have to restart once you hit Stage 21 and reselect it just so you can have a full set of lives.

Stage 21

Stage 21 is just about as hard as Stage 20, which is to say that you may as well reboot Stage 22 when you get to it so you have all five of your lives back. Things will only get tougher from here.

Stage 22

This is a considerably more difficult stage just to get through, let alone finish with a dual fighter. Even with five deaths, you'll have only lost 90 seconds at most of your time, so it isn't actually all that bad in the grand scheme of things.

Stage 23

This Challenging Stage is actually just about as tough to perfect as Challenging Stage 15, which is to say that it's pretty easy. The problem lies not with the stage itself, but the setup. Stage 22 will likely leave you the most frustrated out of these twin stages, so try not to get too upset if things aren't going your way for a while.

If you didn't find a stingray in earlier levels, you'll certainly find one here, earning yourself a new achievement just for watching the screen.

Stage 24

Another actually difficult stage to finish. You'd best make use of the double fighters at the end of your perfect run of the previous stage, because you're really going to appreciate having two shots at once.

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