2. ARCADE GAME SERIES: Pac-Man General Hints & Tips

To start, the four ghosts behave in fairly predictable patterns. Blinky, the red ghost, chases directly after you. Pinky, obviously the pink ghost, will try to get in front of you. The combination of these two alone is already pretty condemning in certain situations. Inky, the blue ghost, follows the pattern of any of the two aforementioned ghosts, or will mimic the orange ghost, Clyde. Clyde is really stupid, and just wanders off aimlessly. Clyde is also the last one out of center stage, which highlights his slow, aloof personality.

A trait of this game as opposed to Ms. PAC-MAN is that the ghosts will move entirely based off of your own movement. Therefore, if you make the same movements at the start of a stage twice, the ghosts will behave the exact same way. This is mostly useful for the three miscellaneous achievements at the end of the walkthrough, although you're completely free to utilize your own patterns instead of using someone else's.

You can set your base lives to five in the game settings, as well as lower the amount of points you need for an extra life. There's no downside to making the game easier for yourself, so you may as well edit these in the settings to make things less frustrating. Another, more important setting is a Round Select feature, which will allow you to start from any stage that you've previously been on before.

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