2. ARK: Survival Evolved General hints and tipsUpdate notes

The game has a lot of depth and customization options, so I'll try to be as specific as I can be about what you should and should not change.

PLEASE NOTE: this guide relies on the use of a LOT of console commands. The use of Smartglass through the Xbox app on a smartphone or Windows 10 PC will save you hours of time. This will allow you to copy and paste from this guide directly to your console, or use the keyboard within the app rather than the controller. One achievement in particular will require you to enter over 180 different codes, each of which can easily be mistyped.

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To start the game, select "Host/Local." In the first column (under General), make sure that "Admin Logging" is checked. Also check "Show Map Player Location." You're going to to be playing the main game, "The Island," and playing in single player.

On the second screen, create new character. Feel free to customize your character if you like, but it's not necessary.

Once you get into the game, press pause. Under Options, make sure that Motion Blur and Detail Graphics are unchecked. Save & Exit.

Let's talk about Admin Commands. Once you get into the game, at the Pause Menu, you're going to need to first open the Admin Command box. To do this, press (simultaneously) cn_X + cn_Y + cn_LB + cn_RB. Now, click on the box, enter a code, then click on ADMIN COMMAND. Then resume the game (or press cn_B) to enable it. The following codes are essential. Type them in exactly as they are after the hyphen.

So you don't get eaten or have anything else bad happen to you - god
So that creatures don't attack you - leavemealone
So you don't die from heat, cold, other things - infinitestats
Kill a creature - kill
Tame a creature - forcetame
Tame a creature to own - dotame (you'll only do this once)

These others will be helpful:

When you get stuck - ghost
Once you are unstuck (fly a bit higher) - walk
When it's dark, it's better to make the sun come up - settimeofday 06:30:00
When you're in a cave, it's dark! - Head Lamp - giveitemnum 305 1 0 0 0 false

I'll mention others as we go.

Also, if you die, it doesn't matter. All of your collectibles carry over. There are times when it may just be easier to die. Just respawn and keep going.

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